Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 13A
A Bridge too Farm
Say Goodnight, George
Monkey Fever
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2008/01/22

A Bridge too Farm is the first half-episode of the fourty-third episode of Curious George.


George and The Man with the Yellow Hat are driving to The Country for their annual cookout. Once there, George runs out to go and greet the Renkins' animals. He watches as Tracy the Hen leads her six chicks out of the chicken coop and teaches them to walk tall. The chicks, however, are too busy getting muddy, which Tracey later notices and takes them to be cleaned. The Man then calls George over and asks him to go to Ada and Luke's General Store to purchase toothpicks, marshmallows, and playing cards.

Meanwhile, Tracy had found a body of water perfect for cleaning chicks, and as she begins washing Al, the youngest chick, the remaining five climb up onto a stick and run across it as if it were a bridge, leading them to fall off on a small island. When Tracy finishes washing Al, she notices the other five chicks on the island and demands that they return to her immediately. However, the chicks have no way of getting back to their mother, nor does Tracey have a way of collecting her chicks. Al notices the branch that the chicks had used to get onto the island in the first place, and attempts to climb it and rescue them, only to get stranded as well.

George returns from the store with the items that The Man had asked him to purchace, when he notices the chicks stranded on the island. So, George decides to act as if he were a cargo ferry and carry two of the chicks back to their mother. Unforutnately, the chicks enjoyed being rescued by George, and as a result, intentionally get themselves stranded again. In somewhat of a vicious cycle, George continues to rescue two chicks, only for them to get back on the island repeatedly. Realizing that he wil be stuck doing this for an indefinete period, George begins to think of alternatives, then realizes that he could us a stick as a bridge. However, he realizes that the sticks he finds are all too short to reach the island. George then sits down to eat marshmallows, before realizing that he could continually add marshmallows to the end of toothpicks in order to create a bridge long enough for the chicks to cross. Yet, he quickly gives it a second thought, having realized that a long string of toothpicks and marshallows alone will not support the weight of not even one of the chicks. Giving in some more thought, he remembers that most bridges are wide and have flat surfaces, allowing vehicles to cross over them, so he uses the cards as his flat surface.

When finished, he allows one of the chicks to test the bridge. However, as the chick begins to walk across, he falls down, clearly prooving that the bridge is still too weak. The baffled monkey then looks across the pond at another bridge, which has supports in the shape of triangles, which leads to his discovery that building taller bridge supports adds strength to said bridge. Having finally completed the bridge, George suggests having the chicks cross the bridge one at a time, but all six cross simultaneously, proving that the bridge supports the combined weight of the chicks and their moter. Having succeded in rescuing the chicks, George decides to bring home the marshallows, toothpicks, and cards, but realizes that he had used them all to make the bridge, so he rushes back to Ada and Luke's General Store to buy more, then rushes back home, so the Man can officially begin his party. Mr. Renkins then sees the the chicks repeatedley crossing the bridge George had made, thinking that they had built it. He rushes off to tell Mrs. Renkins, calling the chicks "geniuses", ending the episode.



For the episode transcript, see A Bridge too Farm Transcript.

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