Curious George (TV series)
Season 4, Episode 3B
Animal Trackers
Night of the Weiner Dog
George Meets Allie-Whoops
Written by Bruce Akiyama
Air date 2009/09/10

Animal Trackers is the second half-episode of the sixty-third episode of Curious George.


In the Country, Curious George tries to photograph wild animals and their tracks, such as Jumpy Squirrel, opossums who roll over to freeze into place, frogs who jump too much, and raccoons who are easy to track but busy with their work, because the Man with the Yellow Hat prepares for Nature Week Exhibit and walks barefoot to Lake Wannasink Lake to conduct survey, while Curious George photographs fauna.

Now, Bill the Country Neighbor Boy arrives to explain the nature trail, and to discuss a fawn, which has been spotted in the Country recently. So, Curious George searches for the fawn, as he photographs a garter snake, ducks, frogs and fish, but he doesn't see the fawn, but does find big duck tracks and imagines that they belong to a giant duck, or a giant snake with duck feet or some sort of giant duck-billed dinosaur.

And so, Curious George follows the giant webbed tracks, but the strange tracks suddenly stop at a pond, but then emerge wet, and they lead Curious George to the Lake, so Curious George figures that the creature must have swum away, and so, Curious George returns to the house to study dinosaur pictures and to take plenty of produce to the Lake to lure this duck-billed dinosaur into his yard.

Well, at Lake Wannasink Lake, Bill rides by inside Mr. Quint's rowboat, along with Mr. Quint and the Man with the Yellow Hat, so, Curious George returns to his yard to set lure for this hungry duck-billed dinosaur, leading Jumpy Squirrel to go after the carrot.

Then, Curious George tries to warn the Man with the Yellow Hat, who returns wearing sandals, after leaving barefoot, about this strange large duck-billed dinosaur because it might turn out to be non-Vegetarian and, therefore, after them, and then he warns Bill, who happens by again, as Curious George shows Bill a dinosaur illustration from one of his books.

So, before it's time for Nature Week Exhibit to open, will Curious George be able to photograph the fawn, to identify the source of those duck-billed dinosaur prints, and to collect his all of his "Animal Trackers?"



For the episode transcript, see Animal Trackers Transcript.

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