Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 8B
Bag Monkey
Free Hundley
Monkey Stagehand
Written by Ron Holsey
Air date 2007/11/19

Bag Monkey is the second half-episode of the thirty-eighth episode of Curious George.


Also in the City, when Curious George tends to all of the clutter inside his room, by squeezing everything inside of his closet, the Man with the Yellow Hat initially congratulates Curious George, or at least until Curious George's closet door swings open, and the clutter lands all over the floor once again.

Now, the Man with the Yellow Hat suggests that Curious George obtain fruit crates from the Market to organize his toy collection, and so Curious George accompanies the Man with the Yellow Hat to the Market, where Grocer and Son of Grocer discuss Son of Grocer's signing for the Bag-A-Lympics competition, showing Curious George how to pack merchandise into brown paper bags neatly, trying to beat record time according to the Grocer's stop-watch.

Then, Rodney the competitor's Bagboy steps into the Market doorway to bully Son of Grocer and Curious George regarding their packing technique, and saying that he will win the Bag-A-Lympics competition, especially after Son of Grocer suffers an arm injury and must be treated by Doctor Baker, who says that it's a sprain, applies a splint and bandage to Son of Grocer's arm, and says that he should be as good as new after a week's time.

And then, Curious George finds himself in a difficult spot because the competition is scheduled for tomorrow, and Curious George qualifies to participate in the Bag-A-Lympics competition, after working as a grocer himself once before, but can Curious George measure up to Son of Grocer, who has become an expert bagger? And what about Rodney the competitor's Bagboy and his constant teasing and bullying?

Well, as he paces the sidewalks, Curious George observes Sidewalk Boys piecing together a jigsaw puzzle and figures that bagging grocers in the optimal manner ought to seem comparative, and so Curious George completes his training in time for Bag-A-Lympics to begin.

But, when Grocer, Son of Grocer and the Man with the Yellow Hat enter the cheering stands once they usher Curious George to Bag-A-Lympics competition, and other contestants begin to break eggs and other products, and some of their bags begin to break, Bag-A-Lympics Official narrows the field of contestants to Rodney the competitor's Bagboy of Endless Park Avenue 14, and Curious George, representing End Avenue Market.

So, who will manage to complete the grocery bagging contest successfully, to secure the coveted Golden Paper Bag Trophey? Rodney the competitor's Bagboy? or "Bag Monkey?"



For the episode transcript, see Bag Monkey Transcript.

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