• Teacher: Uh, good morning, children.
  • Fatty: Good morning!
  • Ken Bahn: Morning!
  • Teacher: Well, you'll be happy to hear, but this is a happy smile for the week and Professor Moderoid makes me worth of it here, he's visiting at school! (Bash Street Kids sigh) But please you all welcome... (Bash Street Kids stick their tounges)
  • Professor Moderoid: (arrives) Good morning, children! Now, let me see your teeth! Can we have a nice smile? Good, Plug! How many of those? Marvelous, Danny! (cash register rings) (chuckles) There must be any more little food, Fatty! Conrad's got his teeth! Nice teeth, Sally! That's it, Dennis! Something did it, Spotty! How can you see Wilfred's teeth? Sidney and Toots chewed too much gum! Ken Bahn has a cavity on his doh-re-mi tooth! Brilliant, Minnie! (camera shutter clicks) Ooh. Too bad, Erbert. Uh, (cash register rings) These people has the best teeth! An excellent set who shot us, Smiffy!
  • Danny: I won't remember Smiffy's teeth being that good! (Smiffy puts his teeth out of his mouth and Professor Moderoid falls)
  • Smiffy: Wow! I've got big pictures to show sure.
  • Professor Moderoid: Now, what do you all remember your teeth keep brushing every night?
  • Smiffy: I sleep all day!
  • Professor Moderoid: Those brushes are ready, keep brushing, begin!
  • (Danny brushes his teeth and his popsicle gets out of his mouth)
  • Fatty: (scrubs his head) Yummy! Pepper is my favorite flavor!
  • (Smiffy brushes his teeth with a toothpaste on his mouth, Wilfred brushes his teeth)
  • Plug: But, I already got things to do!
  • Erbert: (brushes his nose) My nose tickles when I brush my teeth!
  • (Ken Bahn brushes his teeth, Sidney brushes his teeth, Conrad brushes his teeth, Spotty brushes his teeth, Dennis brushes his teeth, Toots brushes her teeth, Sally brushes her teeth and Minnie brushes her teeth)
  • Professor Moderoid: Hmmm. A fast improvement thing. Now, perhaps Teacher would like to join you!
  • Teacher: Huh? (nods his head, cut to a door, zooms past, runs past, The Bash Street Kids found a rug, and he tightens the door and slides on it and they got him)
  • Professor Moderoid: Smile, Teacher! (Teacher nods his head)
  • Bash Street Kids: We'll make him a smile!
  • Smiffy: Smile?
  • (The teacher falls down while the Bash Street Kids sat on him, Danny tickles the teacher's feet, Plug takes the teacher's shoes and socks off)
  • Teacher: Uh, (giggles, Danny tickles the teacher's bare feet) Yahoo! (giggles)
  • Bash Street Kids: What's his teeth? (murmuring)
  • Professor Moderoid: This elephant has these tusks to do! As good teeth because it's attired! Can anyone guess what it is?
  • Fatty: Buns? Goodie! Make sure my teeth will be served to puncher!
  • Professor Moderoid: (gives Fatty the bandage on his mouth) Not buns, apples! Eat lots of apples, everyone will keep through last in love! (eats an apple, coughs)
  • Teacher: He's chewing! And slap him on the back!
  • Conrad: Well, pleasure!
  • (Professor Moderoid coughs then the Bash Street Kids slap him on the back, and his teeth came out then it clicks)
  • Toots: Look! The professor has false teeth!
  • Teacher: Going so soon, Professor?
  • Professor Moderoid: Yes! I'm sure I had teeth! (leaves)
  • (The Bash Street Kids' teeth are shiny, only Ken Bahn has Professor Moderoid's teeth)
  • Plug: (arrives, dancing with Ken Bahn's piano key teeth with a cavity on his doh-re-mi tooth) Hey, Professor! You've left your happy smile behind! (giggles)

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