Billy Whizz
Billy Whizz
Full Name Billy Whizz
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair None except for two bolt-shaped hairs
Age 10
Relatives Billy's Mum (mum)

Billy's Dad (dad)
Alfie Whizz (younger brother)

First appearance Issue 1139 (16 May 1964)
Last appearance Ongoing
Voiced by Ben Small

Billy Whizz is a fictional character featured in the British comic The Beano, first appearing in issue 1139, dated 16th May 1964, when it replaced The Country Cuzzins.

Billy, the title character, is a boy who can run extraordinarily fast. His speed often causes chaos yet at the same time his ability can prove useful. He also has a younger brother called Alfie Whizz of similar appearance. Alfie is usually shown as a normal boy but occasionally he is shown to be just as fast as his brother.

In strips up until the 1980s, Billy lived in Whizztown rather than Beanotown like most of the other regular characters, however this later changed and more recent strips place him in Beanotown.

Appearance Edit

Billy originally wore a red t-shirt, black shorts, red socks and white trainers. He now wears a jet-black tracksuit marked with a red lightning bolt.

Artists Edit

Malcolm Judge: 1964-1989

Barrie Appleby/Steve Horrocks: 1989-1990

David Parkins: 1990-1993

Vic Neill: 1993-2000

Graeme Hall: 2000-2003

Wayne Thompson: 2003-2005

Trevor Metcalfe: 2005-2007

Barrie Appleby: 2008-2009

Nick Brennan: 2009-2012

Wilbur Dawbarn: 2012-