Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 4A
Buoy Wonder
Curious George, Stain Remover
Roller Monkey
Written by Raye Lankford
Air date 2006/09/07

Buoy Wonder is the first half-episode of the fourth episode of Curious George.


When the Man with the Yellow Hat transports Curious George from the City to the Annual Model Boat Show across the bridge, Curious George notices in the river below a ferry boat's carrying automobiles upon its deck, two of Curious George's favorite things, and so he asks the Man with the Yellow Hat to explain how cars and a boat travel together.

After receiving his explanation, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat arrive at the Annual Model Boat Show, which introduces Bill the Country Neighbor Boy in his first series appearance. But Bill has his newspaper route to consider, and so he asks Curious George to keep an eye upon his model boat, while he conducts business.

Jumpy Squirrel is on hand to drop an acorn shell from his tree, which lands upon Bill's model boat, to sink it beside the pier. When Curious George retrieves Bill's model boat from the water, he can no longer get it to float because what he doesn't realize is that water has entered through its port holes, and so Curious George decides to study other entries in order to construct a model boat of his own to substitute for Bill's.

Curious George observes Mr. Quiz's model boat, complete with many gadget devices, and also Mrs. Renkins' model ark, complete with miniature animals, and so Curious George constructs a ferry boat, complete with model cars.

Once Bill returns to discover that he has left open his port holes, so what happens next once Bill may delight to discover his entry in contention for the Annual Model Boat Show prizes, along with Mr. Quiz, Mrs. Renkins, and now Curious George and his "Buoy Wonder?"



For the episode transcript, see Buoy Wonder Transcript.

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