Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 18A
Candy Counter
Curious George Sees the Light
Curious George, Rescue Monkey
Written by Sandra Willard
Air date 2006/10/19

Candy Counter is the first half-episode of the eighteenth episode of Curious George.


In the City, Curious George shops for bargains with Betsy and Steve and their Aunt Margaret at a clearance sale, and then they carry their purchases along the City sidewalks, before deciding to stop into Mabel's Department Store, to purchase assorted chocolates at its candy counter.

But when Aunt Margaret decides that she should not carry her new chair into Mabel's, nor Curious George his large stuffed banana, Steve volunteers to stay outside to watch their purchases, and to play video games, while Curious George, Betsy and Aunt Margaret buy chocolates at the Candy Counter.

Now, after Cayley the Candy Counter Clerk, packages chocolates according to specifications by Aunt Margaret, Betsy and Curious George, she short-changes Curious George's order by two pieces, causing Curious George to return into Mabel's Department Store, to report the mistake to Cayley the Candy Counter Clerk.

Well, Cayley the Candy Counter Clerk needs to procure more chocolate candies for her inventory, and so she asks Curious George to mind the Candy Counter during her absence, which is fine with Curious George because now he may stack the chocolate candies to form geometric shapes, such as the rhombus.

And, besides, what could possibly go wrong with Curious George behind the Candy Counter? Well, for one thing, Curious George knocks candy all over the place, trying to build a stack of candies into the shape of that rhombus. And for another, customers begin to pour into Mabel's Candy Department.

Now, when a male customer asks to purchase a box of mint chocolates for his wife, Curious George begins to sample pieces to taste for the mint, and when a female customer in a hurry to catch her bus asks for eight pinks and four greens in two boxes, while an old customer asks for one black chocolate and one blue one, well, Curious George has already eaten halves of these, and then a customer with her son watches Curious George sampling more and asks for free samples, so many customers overhear her and line the counter for free treats.

But after everything's sold or given away, Cayley returns to discover that she's out of inventory again, and probably out of business....

Well, back at the apartment, the Man with the Yellow Hat says that he's never seen blue candy before when Curious George offers him a piece, but now Curious George is sad that Cayley the Candy Counter Clerk has little left to sell, so the Man with the Yellow Hat returns with Curious George to Mabel's Department Store, where Cayley asks Curious George for a hand to package chocolates because the customers continue to line up because of the promotional gimmick which he began.

So, will Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat be able to help to fill orders while Cayley the Candy Counter Clerk leaves to procure additional supplies, and will Curious George continue as a "Candy Counter" behind the "Candy Counter?"



For the episode transcript, see Candy Counter Transcript.

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