Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 14B
Castle Keep
Curious George, Spy Monkey
Robot Monkey Hullabaloo
Written by Raye Lankford
Air date 2008/01/23

Castle Keep is the second half-episode of the fourty-fourth episode of Curious George.


In the Country, on the perfect day to practice golf swing, Jumpy Squirrel scampers from Bill the Country Neighbor Boy and Curious George, who practice golf swinging.

Now, Bill explains to Curious George to choke up on club, thus placing much club between himself and the golf ball to create leverage, but Curious George knocks the golf ball straight toward Jumpy Squirrel's tree!

In the City, at dinnertime, the Man with the Yellow Hat tries to care for Curious George, who knocks a golf ball and toothpaste cap with golf club. The Man with the Yellow Hat then tells Curious George that they are going to Scotland to help Uncle Tam to move from his Castle, but they don't need golf clubs in Scotland (where they invented golfing).

In Scotland, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat visit Uncle Tam's Castle, Curious George practicing golf outside, but Uncle Tam admonishes him to beware of that Squirrel, while Uncle Tam and the Man with the Yellow Hat in their kilts pack to move. Curious George bewares of golf traps and squirrel traps, considering his training with Bill and Jumpy Squirrel back in the Country.

Well, the Squirrel darts back into Uncle Tam's Castle Library, where Curious George follows him to overhear a discussion between Uncle Tam and the Man with the Yellow Hat, regarding Uncle Tam's landlord's agreement, to show his Castle deed every year or else pay back taxes, which haven't paid for 400 years, so the amount adds up to too much tax to afford. Now, they must locate Uncle Tam's Castle deed, with a family crest dragon illustration upon it.

Then, while Uncle Tam and the Man with the Yellow Hat search the Castle for the deed, the Squirrel leads Curious George into a secret passageway behind Library bookcase, which Curious George discovers full of golf balls, which the Squirrel must have collected and stored. Curious George adds leverage with a big stick and fulcrum, as the Squirrel leads Curious George into the dungeon.

And then, Curious George faces a moat with raised drawbridge, but there is a crank with chain to lower it, so maybe Curious George will be able to lower drawbridge with the same principle as leverage, to find his way back to Uncle Tam and the Man with the Yellow Hat?

So, what do you suppose that Curious George might discover in the dungeon amid many, many golf balls and a page with a dragon crest, once that mean and nasty Tax Collector arrives to foreclose upon poor Uncle Tam's Castle, in the presence of the Man with the Yellow Hat, who is separated by bars from the Squirrel and Curious George, "Castle Keep?"



For the episode transcript, see Castle Keep Transcript.

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