Chief Inspector Benny Plimsoll
File:The chief inspector.jpg1996
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 40
Job Chief inspector
First appearance Revenge of the Robot
Last appearance Perfect Perfect

Chief Inspector Bernard 'Benny' Plimsoll (or simply Chief Inspector Plimsoll, C.I. Plimsoll) is the short-tempered Chief Inspector of the Beanotown Police Force, hence his title.


Plimsoll is the man who fires police officers (such as Sergeant Slipper, his most famous example) for inadequate or poor performance, and hires new ones, in the hope they will do much better.

Plimsoll once decided to replace Slipper with a robot (shown in an episode of the 1996 TV series), which turned out to be a bad idea when Dennis built his own robot to take on against the mechanical sergeant.

Plimsoll also hired after Slipper crashed his new scooter into the corner shop at first outperformed Dennis, proving to be much more advanced, but Dennis wouldn't give up without a fight, and built a Hypno-Machine which hypnotised out of town.

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