Conrad and Sally - A Birthday Party is the 1st episode in Season 3

Plot Edit

Today is Conrad and Sally's birthday, then they're going to have a party while their mother needs to run some errands and she says that she'll return at 3:30 AM sharp. Conrad and Sally run to tell Ken Bahn how to lift up the table with the donuts and tea, Parky tells them to set it in the house today.

Conrad, Sally and Ken Bahn search for the toy room and sing "Let Us All Sing". The clock is ticking then Conrad gets the mail letter to use a guest list that says: The Cat in the Hat, Nutn Nose, The Prince Egg, Melodina, Acorn Tots, Big Oggo and Mu Mu, Disabear, Kaki Kaki, Grandma Fuji, Belly Boing, Water Chap, Klinki Klunki, Karlos K. Krinklebine, Nani Nani, Tsuchi, Pettan, Maru Bento, Foffo, Pokkonpakkon, Thing One and Thing Two. Suddenly, Conrad and Ken Bahn get an extra large cake to set it on the table. Conrad, Sally and Ken Bahn are waiting for their guests as they enter the house.

Mrs. Blakeningsop takes the groceries out of the car so she comes in to sing "Happy Birthday to Little Sally Spungel Sporn" just before the guests run out of the house. Sally and Mrs. Blakeningsop would do to have best friends.


  • Conrad
  • Sally
  • Mrs. Blakeningsop
  • Mrs. Walters (mentioned)
  • Ken Bahn
  • Parky


  • The Cat in the Hat
  • Nutn Nose
  • The Prince Egg
  • Melodina
  • Acorn Tots
  • Big Oggo and Mu Mu
  • Disabear
  • Kaki Kaki
  • Grandma Fuji
  • Belly Boing
  • Water Chap
  • Klinki Klunki
  • Norval the Fish (credited as Karlos K. Krinklebine)
  • Nani Nani
  • Tsuchi
  • Pettan
  • Maru Bento
  • Foffo
  • Pokkonpakkon
  • Thing 1 and Thing 2


  • This is the only episode the characters from the 1971 TV special, The Cat in the Hat as they appeared in the TV show.

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