Conrad and Sally - Mother Goes Shopping is the 7th episode in Season 3

Plot Edit

Mrs. Blakeningsop has to run some errands, she will return at 3:30 AM sharp, Ken Bahn arrives to meet Conrad and Sally at the house. Sir tells Fatty Fudge and his son as they're going to Mrs. Walters' shop, he tells Mrs. Blakeningsop as she has to go to the grocery store. Mrs. Blakeningsop tells Cynthia that she has a list for today as she needs some eggs, she tells Walter, Bertie and Spotty how to get their cabbages as she needs them.

Dennis' school teacher tells the Bash Street Kids as they sing "I Can Figure Figures", while they have to leave. Minnie is at the checkout line to check Mrs. Walters as she has to go, Dennis and Gnasher are checking Mrs. Walters so he takes him home.

Mrs. Blakeningsop meets the red Fatty Fudge as he has a nice new haircut and they get to the car, but Dennis, Gnasher, Minnie, Fatty Fudge, his son, Plug, Fatty, Danny, Toots, Spotty, Erbert, Wilfred, Smiffy and Sidney are in two cars. Mrs. Blakeningsop meets the blue Fatty Fudge as he goes ice skating and he gets to her car. Mrs. Blakeningsop meets the yellow Fatty Fudge as he went to the bank this morning and he gets to her car.

But Plug says that the gang has to put a new car radio that Ken Bahn, Conrad and Sally sing a song called "Calculatus Eliminatus" drawing random letters and numbers. Mrs. Blakeningsop returns with three Fatty Fudges as Fatty Fudge, his son, Minnie, Dennis and Gnasher arrive to have some groceries just before Walter Bertie and Spotty came in while the Bash Street Kids are coming.


  • Conrad
  • Sally
  • Mrs. Blakeningsop
  • Ken Bahn
  • Sir
  • Fatty Fudge
  • Boy
  • Katzenberger
  • Vilhemina Slop Bucket
  • Reg Trademark
  • Slasher Brown
  • Mrs. Ramsbottom
  • Baby
  • Mrs. Blumberg
  • Mrs. Thompson
  • Mrs. Walters
  • The ginger Harry Potter
  • The kid in the yellow jumper
  • Photographer
  • Cynthia
  • Mr. Zakinski
  • Jacques
  • Medroom
  • Minnie the Minx
  • Dennis the Menace
  • Gnasher
  • Walter the Softie
  • Bertie
  • Spotty (Softie)
  • Teacher
  • Plug
  • Fatty
  • Erbert
  • Smiffy
  • Spotty
  • Toots
  • Danny
  • Wilfred
  • Sidney
  • Fatty Fudge (Red version)
  • Fatty Fudge (Blue version)
  • Fatty Fudge (Yellow version)

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