Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 11B
Creatures of the Night
The Fully Automatic Fun Hat
Scaredy Dog
Written by Chuck Tately
Air date 2007/11/22

Creatures of the Night is the second half-episode of the fourty-first episode of Curious George.


In the Country, one warm evening, Curious George fills bird feeder at bedtime, in anticipation of awakening in the morning to the sounds of happy birds, but when he exits the Country residence by morning to investigate the reason for no happy bird chirps, Curious George observes what he understands as bird feathers in the mud below the birdhouse, or at least until Bill the Country Neighbor Boy arrives by bicycle, to explain to Curious George that these appear to be baby opossum tracks, commonly known as baby possum tracks, and then Bill explains the nocturnal habits of animals which sleep by daylight.

Now, how shall we refer to the opossum family here? As "Opossum?" -- or, all right, "Possum." Well, the next night, Curious George keeps a stake out for possum alerts, by watching through kitchen window with sandwich in hand and radio on, as Mr. Quint delivers a broadcast about "Fishermen's Legend at Lake Wannasink Lake" explaining that on the first full moon of every summer, which coincidentally happens tonight, the Country may be filled with mysterious creatures not before seen.

Well, Curious George, indeed, meets Baby Possum, they playing together, so Curious George offers his sandwich and prepares to turn in, but Baby Possum follows Curious George, who tries to direct Baby Possum back to his family, but where does the Possum Family live? Maybe Baby Possum belongs with the birds because he must have consumed last night's birdseed.

Then, as Mr. Quint's continues his radio broadcast, discussing Lake Creature, such as the Fisherman's Legend, Bill, listening in, shivers in his bed, especially after Bill notices something really strange through his window, which turns out to be Curious George's carrying Baby Possum with a bird on Curious George's shoulder.

And then, Curious George carries Baby Possum into Renkins' barn, where an owl frightens Curious George, who hangs onto the cow bell, which alerts Leslie and the Cows to milking time, which frightens both Baby Possum and Curious George, who then discover a firefly, before they awaken Jumpy Squirrel, who sleeps inside a felled hollow log, so Curious George plays dead like Baby Possum, as they learn new things together, such as the fact that raccoons must be nocturnal, too,

But when Mr. Quint broadcasts mention of these strange happenings at Renkins' Farm, panic begins to sweep the Country community, as citizens hide behind their shutters, and as someone activates the motor in Mr. Quint's parked boat, which frightens the raccoons, as well as Tina.

Yet, Curious George continues to parade Baby Possom through town and into a cave, where they discover bats, before they meet a puppy in a dog house, and before they encounter the Possum Family's climbing about the branches of a possum tree.

So, when Sheriff Wint Quint encounters Curious George and escorts him through town in his police vehicle, who will continue to be frightened by Fishermen's Legend Creature, and Strange Creatures of the Night, such as the nocturnal raccoon, owl, bat or possum? And what results could be expected at the bird feeder once the Man with the Yellow Hat awakens Curious George on the morning after "Creatures of the Night?"



For the episode transcript, see Creatures of the Night Transcript.

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