Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 15B
Curious George's Low High Score
Curious George and the Dam Builders
Curious George Sees Stars
Written by Craig Miller
Air date 2006/10/10

Curious George's Low High Score is the second half-episode of the fifteenth episode of Curious George.


In the City, it's a perfect day for Curious George to wander through the streets, where he soon encounters Betsy and Steve, who play a game of basketball in a back alley.

Well, Steve has just made his record 24 consecutive hoop shot, and now it's Curious George's turn to try to outperform Steve.

But, after making one shot, Curious George lands the basketball onto the back of a pickup truck, and its driver pulls away, and so Betsy, Steve and Curious George are no longer able to play basketball because they cannot stop the driver.

Now, after Betsy suggests miniature golf as an alternative game, Betsy, Steve and Curious George arrive at the miniature golf course, where Steve scores 5 points, and Besty scores 8 points, and Curious George scores 27 points on the first round.

And, by the end of the game, Betsy scores 58 points, and Steve scores 35 points, and Curious George scores 257 points, thinking that he has won the game until Betsy explains that in golf, players try to achieve the lowest score to win.

Well, onto the roof of Apartment Building 7 go Betsy, Curious George and Gnocchi, Chef Pisghetti's pet Cat, to build a miniature golf course of their very own. The Man with the Yellow Hat gives Curious George permission to take as many items from the apartment as he wishes to play with to build the miniature golf course on top of the roof.

Now, when Steve arrives upon the roof of Apartment Building 7 to tell Betsy that Aunt Margaret says to be back for dinner in an hour, Curious George and Betsy invite Steve to play upon their rooftop miniature golf course, during which time Betsy scores 6 points, and Steve scores 6 points, and Curious George wins by scoring 1 point.

So, as Curious George, Betsy and Steve use a stick, a mallet, a guitar and a pipe to shoot miniature golf upon this course, which Betsy and Curious George find easy, but Steve finds difficult even with the help of Gnocchi, Chef Pisghetti's pet Cat, as part of the course, the totals find that Steve ends up with 40 points, and Betsy ends up with 25 points, and Curious George ends up with 21 points, so will this be counted as "Curious George's Low High Score?"



For the episode transcript, see Curious George's Low High Score Transcript.

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