Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 8B
Curious George, A Peeling Monkey
Curious George and the Invisible Sound
Curious George, Dog Counter
Written by Raye Lankford
Air date 2006/09/18

Curious George, A Peeling Monkey is the second half-episode of the eighth episode of Curious George.


In the City, the Man with the Yellow Hat prepares for a special evening with Professor Wiseman to celebrate the occasion of her birthday.

Curious George watches in delight from his Building 7 apartment balcony, as the Man with the Yellow Hat carries the beautifully-wrapped gift along the sidewalk, Curious George anticipating unwrapping this.

Well, guess what, Curious George? This gift does not belong to you, but to Professor Wiseman, who also cherishes bowls of fruit, and so the Man with the Yellow Hat hides the present and prepares an arrangement of fruit. While the Man with the Yellow Hat is busy cooking and cleaning the apartment, Curious George secretly peels the orange, onion, apple, banana and.... Yes, there is an onion in there somewhere.

But anyway, Curious George covers the peeled produce with the bowl to conceal his wrongdoings, when the Man with the Yellow Hat sends Curious George on an errand to the Departement Store to retrieve his freshly-pressed pants.

And once Curious George arrives at the Department Store, he begins to rip the wrappings from gift boxes in the window display, and then tears bows, ribbons and gift wrap from presents which employees prepare for customers. He cannot, however, unwrap the Cellophane from the recording products.

Now, once Curious George has his field day trashing the Department Store, he returns to the apartment to rip wallpaper from the washroom in order to search for Professor Wiseman's present. And then he runs back to the Department Store to try to cover his mess at the apartment.

So, what sort of evening lies in store for Professor Wiseman and the Man with the Yellow Hat when they try to celebrate her birthday around "Curious George, a Peeling Monkey?"



For the episode transcript, see Curious George, A Peeling Monkey Transcript.

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