Kipper HI Im Kipper Dog This My Sister Hazel Hazel Hello Kipper This Is Master Shake Master Shake Hello Kipper This Is Frylock Narrator One Day Kipper Want To Get Up Early In The Morning Kipper Hazel Get Up For It Kipper It Too Late To Get up Hazel It Only 5 00 Kipper Your Jokeing Come On Wait Master Shake And Frylock Wake Wake Master Shake and Frylock Master Shake And Frylock Hey What Kipper It Time To Get Up Come on And We Have Breakfast Master Shake And Frylock [Yawns] Frylock IT Much Too Early Kipper Don't You What Time Is It Kipper No Frylock The Cuckoo Clock Is Working Frylock All Right Kipper Ah Huh There IT IS How Cuckoo Clock Work Kipper Frylock How Done The Cuckoo Clock Frylock Oh You Win Kipper Hooray Narrator Frylock Show How The Cuckoo Clock Work Master Shake Why Don't Play with Cuckoo Clock Frylock Frylock Cuckoo Hazel Cuckoo Cuckoo Narrator Kipper And Hazel Are Play With The Cuckoo Clock Kipper Are You Sure With The Cuckoo Clock Bird Cuckoo Cuckoo Kipper Wow Hazel [Giggles] Kipper Silly Hazel You Missing Hazel [Cry] Kipper But The Cuckoo Clock Show You She Went Cuckoo And You Missing Hazel [Crying] Frylock Never Mind We Can See Cuckoo Later Master Shake But We Have To Wait Narrator Cuckoo Aways How To Make It Work Kipper Wait It Is Broing Come On Hazel Let Go Play Outside Narrator Hazel Doent Want To Play Outside But She Wait To See Cuckoo But Only 10 00 Hazel Want Play All the time Kipper Hazel Come And Play Mr Dinosaur Want To Play To Grr Hazel Dinosaur Bird Cuckoo Cuckoo Narrator Hazel Misses Cuckoo Again Hazel [Crying] Master Shake Never Mind Hazel Why Don't Play IN The Garden Of Couse We Play Went You See Cuckoo Marrator But Is 11 00 Master Shake Kipper Hazel Time See Cuckoo Kipper Quick Hazel You Can Made Cuckoo Again Hazel Oh [Panting] Bird Cuckoo Cuckoo Hazel [Giggle] Kipper You See Hazel Did Spot The Cuckoo Hazel Cuckoo Kipper Cuckoo Hazel Cuckoo Narrator It Is Nightime Kipper And Hazel Are Sleepy Kipper Cuckoo [Yawns] Bird Cuckoo Cuckoo Kipper [Screams] Is It Morning All Right Frylock No Time To Sleep Kipper Cuckoo Is Not very well Frylock It just Need A sleep Like You And Hazel Master Shake GoodNight Frylock Goodnight My Little Doggy Kipper Hazel I Know How To Make Cuckoo Better Wide Up Like Frylock Did Hazel [Giggles]

Narrator Went Master Shake And Frylock Are Fast Asleep

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