• Narrator: George was excited. The man with the yellow hat was taking him to the theater to see their friend, Pedro who was a dancer.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: If you know, George.
  • Narrator: Said the man.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: We can visit Pedro before he goes on stage.
  • Narrator: Inside the theater, all the dancers were getting ready. Some were lacing up their ballet slippers, some were exercising at the bar, and there was Pedro, he was wearing short pants and a shirt with patches all over it.
  • Pedro: We are dancing to story of Jack and the Beanstalk tonight and I'm playing Jack!
  • Narrator: Pedro said.
  • Pedro: First I will plant the magic beans in the ground and then when the beanstalk grows, I'll climb up to the sky! Let me show you! Mine on the ground was a long thick piece of green cloth. Suddenly, the cloth began to rise! (The beanstalk grows) Right to the top of the theater! Now it was a giant beanstalk with green leaves. How did that happen?
  • Narrator: George was curious. He saw the man with the black jacket at the top of the stage.
  • Man with the Black Jacket: I am just testing the magic beanstalk for a dance.
  • Narrator: The man said.
  • Man with the Black Jacket: After Pedro plants the magic beans, I will pull this wire and the people in the audience would think that beanstalk is really growing.
  • Narrator: By this time, the audience was seated and the orchestra began to play.
  • Man with the Black Jacket: Oh my!
  • Narrator: Said the man with the black jacket.
  • Man with the Black Jacket: I better put my beanstalk back down at the ground. They're almost ready to begin.
  • Narrator: It was time for George to take his seat to the audience. On his way, he saw a big panting mask. George was curious. He lifted it up and put it over his head. It was so big then it covered him right to his toes. It was dark inside. George couldn't see where he was going. They'd be heard people laugh. George had walked on stage just as Pedro began to dance. The people in the audience were laughing so hard and Pedro had to sing.
  • Pedro: George!
  • Narrator: He whispered.
  • Pedro: Get to the stage in the middle of my dance!
  • Narrator: George put off the mask and ran up the ladder to the top of the stage. Pedro had started to dance again. Now Pedro was planting the magic beans. George was watching. Then he noticed the man with the black jacket. The man looked when he's in trouble. The wire from the magic beanstalk had broken.
  • Man with the Black Jacket: George!
  • Narrator: He said.
  • Man with the Black Jacket: I'm so glad you're here. I need your help. Climb down to the back of the stage and grab the top of the beanstalk. You can wear my black jacket so no one could see you. (Curious George jumps down to the curtain)
  • Narrator: How good that George was a monkey! Quickly he ran down the curtain and grab the beanstalk, climb back up and headed the beanstalk back to the man. Now Pedro could ride to the top. (audience applauds and cheers) The audience cheered.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: Bravo! Bravo!
  • Narrator: When the curtain was down, Pedro turned to George.
  • Pedro: You saved the show!
  • Narrator: He said.
  • Pedro: Thanks a lot!
  • Narrator: When the curtain went up again, there was George in his black jacket, taking a bow with Pedro.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: Hooray for Pedro!
  • Narrator: The audience cheered.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: And hooray for George!
  • Narrator: The man with the yellow hat said as loudest of all.

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