Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 20A
Curious George Beats the Band
Old McGeorgie Had a Farm
Hats and a Hole
Written by Craig Miller
Joe Fallon
Air date 2008/04/22

Curious George Beats the Band is the first half-episode of the fiftieth episode of Curious George.


In the City, the Man with the Yellow Hat takes Curious George to a Classical Music concert Curious George, where Curious George daydreams to the rhythm of the music. For one, Curious George and Hundley the Doorman's Daschund soar through space on skies or scooter. And for another, Curious George dives underwater with ducks and sea serpents, then all flying overhead into the clouds

Now, Curious George wins the drawing to conduct the band in Endless Park. Conductor teaches Curious George to count the tempo in four/four time and three/four time, and to read sheet music. The Man with the Yellow Hat relates that Curious George has seen his sheet music as he practices lead tuba in the Country band.

Well, Curious George takes conducting very seriously and practices all the time at his apartment building and with Hundley the Doorman's Daschund in the lobby, and with Charkie the Black Cocker Spaniel, who plays with Betsy in Endless Park.

Then, Charkie grabs Curious George's baton and breaks it during the shuffle, but Betsy provides a different toy stick for Charkie to back off.

And then, on the evening of the concert at the Endless Park grand-stand, the Conductor hands Curious George his baton, but Charkie also arrives with Betsy and Steve, to observe Curious George's conducting the orchestra.

But then, when Steve tosses Charkie's toy stick, it lands upon the grand-stand podium, causing a struggle between Charkie and Curious George during the concert, which goes haywire to the beat of Charkie!

So, as Betsy and Steve attempt to save the day, will Charkie steal the show by flipping for her toy stick while "Curious George Beats the Band?"



For the episode transcript, see Curious George Beats the Band Transcript.

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