Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 4A
Curious George Gets All Keyed Up
Curious George and the Trash
Gutter Monkey
Written by Raye Lankford
Air date 2007/09/06

Curious George Gets All Keyed Up is the first half-episode of the thirty-fourth episode of Curious George.


In the City, Betsy and Steve, the City Neighborhood sister and brother, now stay in an apartment, at which Betsy practices her xylophone solo, to perform in her school's concert this evening, while Steve practices his hand-held video game.

Now, because monkeys enjoy music, Curious George admires Betsy's xylophone practicing so much that he has to pay her a visit to hear it closely. But, upon his arrival, Aunt Margaret tells Betsy that Betsy has a hair-styling appointment at the beauty salon, and for her to take the xylophone with her so that they could arrive at the school at 4:00 PM punctually.

Well, Curious George volunteers to transport Betsy's xylophone to the school for her, and Steve volunteers to help Curious George to take it before 4:00 PM, but Steve procrastinates, playing his video game, and the next thing that Curious George and Steve realize is that it's 3:40 PM, and so they have no time to waste.

But, when Curious George and Steve attempt to wheel Betsy's xylophone into the apartment building hallway, they discover that it's too long to slide through the door. So, Curious George and Steve dismantle Betsy's xylophone, placing its fifteen keys into Betsy's wagon, but then they still realize that its base still won't fit through the door, or at least not until Steve figures a way to turn the xylophone sideways.

Then, at the school, Curious George and Steve attempt to reassemble the xylophone but don't know how until Steve figures that they ought to put the keys back together the same way which they took them apart, which, of course, turns out easier said than done because, when the wagon accidentally falls over, everything's a mess!

And then, Curious George rearranges the concert hall to delay the recital, and then he and Steve lie before the instrument upon Betsy's return, to delay their admission of guilt. A Goof occurs here, as Steve tells Betsy that he's already in Third Grade although he was in Fifth Grade five episodes back (#1.29).

So, behind the curtain, Curious George must figure a way to reassemble the fifteen keys of Betsy's xylophone before anyone notices the mess which Curious George and Steve have created, but how will Curious George determine which keys go where, as "Curious George Gets All Keyed Up?"



For the episode transcript, see Curious George Gets All Keyed Up Transcript.

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