• Man with the Yellow Hat: George. It's a beautiful day for going fishing.
  • Narrator: Said the man with the yellow hat. George helped his friend with the fishing rods. They got in their little blue car and drove to the country.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: This might be a good place!
  • Narrator: Said the man.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: I'll go and look for a shell spot. You wait here and don't get into trouble.
  • Narrator: Then the man went into the water. But what should George do now? He decided to swing through the trees. Around the bin, he saw a family having a picnic. The mother and the two little girls, Karen and Anne were preparing dinner. The father was catching fish. He threw out the line and landed in the water. Sometimes he caught a fish and sometimes he didn't. George was watching. After a while, the man picked up his fish and went back to his family. This was George's chance. He went over, picked up the rod and flipped it. The hook caught on the frying pan. George tugged as hard as he could have loosen it. But instead, he pulled the pan off. It flipped high in the air. The family's dinner went flying.
  • Woman: Oh, no!
  • Narrator: The mother cried.
  • Woman: There goes our dinner.
  • Man: Who did that?
  • Narrator: George got scared. It was time to get away. (Curious George zooms past) Then the father tried to catch more fish. But this time, his luck was bad. The fish are all gone somewhere else. Finally, he gave up. The family went to see if they had any other food in their car. Now, George was safe. (Curious George jumps down) What's next? He picked up some pebbles and threw them into the water. (Curious George throws pebbles in the water) Just then, a fish went out, then another, and two more. So that was where the fish were. They were swimming under the shade of the tree. Now George knew what to do. After a while, the family came back. They have been finding food.
  • Man: I'll try again!
  • Narrator: Said the father. But now the fish and rods were gone.
  • Anne: Look over there!
  • Narrator: Shouted Anne. George was fishing with all four rods.
  • Karen: (off-screen) He's got a bike!
  • Narrator: Cried Karen.
  • Anne: (off-screen) Two bikes!
  • Narrator: Cried Anne.
  • Man: (off-screen) Three!
  • Narrator: Said the father.
  • Woman: (off-screen) Four!
  • Narrator: They all cried.
  • Woman: (off-screen) Come on, George. Don't let them get away.
  • Narrator: He tugged and he pulled, and he caught four red shiny fish. Later, George and the man with the yellow hat were invited for dinner. It was a delicious thing! As specially for George. Soon, George and the man with the yellow hat got into their little blue car and drove back home. (the car drives away)

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