• Man with the Yellow Hat: It's a beautiful day, George!
  • Narrator: Said the man with the yellow hat.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: How about driving up to Mr. Adams' ranch? He's a good friend of mine and maybe you can learn to ride a horse. It sounded like a good idea.
  • Narrator: As soon George and his friend were on their way. When they came to the ranch, they stopped at Mr. Adams' house.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: George, I had to arrange for a riding lesson. You can look around. But remember, don't get yourself into trouble.
  • Narrator: The Man with the Yellow Hat went into the house and George went over to the carrel to look at the horses. He saw a girl with a black and white horse. The girl's name was Bessie, and she was crying.
  • Bessie: My daddy wants to sell O'Bucky because he's so hard to ride. He barks up and down too much, you better get out of this way.
  • (horse yells)
  • Narrator: So George went to the other side of the carrel where some cowboys would last made steers. The steers were very noisy, George watched. (bell ringing) After a while, the dinner bell rang, and the cowboys out down their lassos and went to get washed. How did those lassos work? George was curious. He jumped onto the fence and tried to throw a lasso. It caught in a tree. He tried another lasso. It caught in a handle of the water pump. George tried again. In this time, he lassoed the gate latch. George pulled the lasso tight and the latch moved and the gate's all opened. Uh-oh. What have he done? All the steers came running out. The cowboys do the commotion and ran after them.
  • Cowboy #1: Who let them out there?
  • Narrator: He shouted.
  • Cowboy #2: It's that monkey!
  • Narrator: Another one yelled.
  • Cowboy #2: He didn't.
  • Narrator: George decided it was time to get away. (Curious George zooms past) He ran to another carrel where some other cowboys were sitting on a fence. George couldn't see what was going on. He was curious. So he jumped as high as he could. Too high and too far. He landed right in the back of a black and white horse. It was Bessie's O'Bucky. The horse began to bark. George went flying into the air. It was fun! He turned three somersaults and landed back on the saddle. The cowboys all cheered. The man with the yellow hat and Mr. Adams heard the cheering and came out of the house. Bessie came over too. O'Bucky barked again. He threw George higher. This time George turned four somersaults, one turn and two twists. And then he came down into the saddle again. Now O'Bucky gave up. He knew there's someone who can ride him.
  • Cowboys: Yahoo!
  • Narrator: The cowboys cheered and threw their hats into the air. The man with the yellow hat and Mr. Adams cheered too. Then the cowboy who will be chasing the steers rushed over the crowd.
  • Cowboy #3: That's him!
  • Narrator: He shouted, pointing at George.
  • Cowboy #3: He'd let the steers out.
  • Bessie: But he didn't mean too.
  • Narrator: Said Bessie.
  • Bessie: Besides he rode O'Bucky. Daddy, can I keep him now?
  • Mr. Adams: You sure can, dear.
  • Narrator: Said Mr. Adams, and then he turned to George.
  • Mr. Adams: You're okay, partner!
  • Narrator: He said.
  • Mr. Adams: I'm gonna give you a lasso to take home. Come back when you're real good with it, we'll let you help and rope the steers.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: You better let me hold onto that lasso, George!
  • Narrator: Said the man with the yellow hat.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: It wasn't enough.
  • Narrator: And off they went in their little blue car.

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