Curious George (TV series)
Season 3, Episode 2A
Curious George Meets The Press
The Perfect Carrot
Snow Use
Written by Chuck Tately
Air date 2008/09/02

Curious George Meets the Press is the first half-episode of the fifty-second episode of Curious George.


In the Country at Harvest Time, Mr. Renkins needs help to pick apples, and so Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat assist him to fill a cart to load onto the washing trough, to prepare for Mrs. Renkins homemade apple cider factory, as Mr. and Mrs. Renkins exodus the orchard to tend to other responsibilities.

Well, as the Man with the Yellow Hat fills a cart with apple pickings, Curious George carries the Yellow Hat into the tree to collect more apples, but leaves it high upon a branch once Jumpy Squirrel finds a perfect apple, which Curious George picks and takes away from him, causing Jumpy Squirrel to follow Curious George into the cart, causing Curious George to press the lever to unload the cart, to free Jumpy Squirrel, who rolls the perfect apple into the cider press barn, which Curious George follows to retrieve from Jumpy Squirrel, leaving the Man without the Yellow Hat to clean up after Curious George and to refill the cart.

Inside the apple press factory barn, Curious George begins to press buttons to try to retrieve the perfect apple, which Jumpy Squirrel places high upon an apple-slicing machine, which activates to process barrels of apples, to slide into an apple press, to liquefy the fruit into instant cider, to pour from its spout onto a conveyor belt.

Now, Curious George attempts to figure out what happens to all of those apple, but first he must try to salvage some of the liquid cider, by placing bottles onto the conveyor belt, which also caps the product and labels it, before Curious George is able to receive each bottle before it splatters onto the factory floor.

So, when Mr. and Mrs. Renkins return to discover the Man without the Yellow Hat's climbing an apple tree to retrieve the Yellow Hat, will they blame him for Curious George's mishaps and say that the Man with the Yellow Hat is less responsible than Curious George, once they discover that Curious "George Meets the Press?"



For the episode transcript, see Curious George Meets The Press Transcript.

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