Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 5A
Curious George On Time
Roller Monkey
Curious George's Bunny Hunt
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2006/09/13

Curious George On Time is the first half-episode of the fifth episode of Curious George.


Curious George accompanies the Man with the Yellow Hat on a hike to the Science Museum, to visit Professor Wiseman, who constructs a cuckoo clock to relieve stress.

Curious George becomes fascinated with the clock and its cuckoo and its parade of miniature marching drummers and bell-ringers, and so he stays behind in Professor Wiseman's office to advance the clock's dial, while the Man with the Yellow Hat escorts Professor Wiseman to the rocket presentation.

Outside the window, pigeons flutter around a statue between the Museum and the Library, but Curious George feels the disappointment of Compass the Doorman's Almost-Homing Pigeon, who doesn't get to play with the flock, and so Curious George invites Compass the Doorman's Almost-Homing Pigeon into Professor Wiseman's office to demonstrate the mechanisms of the clock.

But when Curious George accidentally breaks the minute hand, disabling the clock, he remembers Professor Wiseman's tinkering with its inner workings through its rear panel, which he unlocks to remove its gears, which he cannot reassemble, and so he carries the clock and the tool box, to scale the Library tower, to enter into its clock chamber, to study its inner workings, but accidentally drops the tool box, which lands into the Library clock's gears, to cause it to cease from peeling.

Well, many around the quad express concern that the Library clock misses its mark, and so Andie, Stig, and Stew, the Firefighter members of Rescue Squad 86, are alerted to solve the situation at hand.

Andie, Stig, and Stew, the Firefighter members of Rescue Squad 86, solicit the assistance of Mr. Reloj, owner of the Clock Store, to enter the Library tower to determine exactly what has gone wrong.

But will Mr. Reloj be able to restore the city Library tower clock and Professor Wiseman's clock before she returns to her office with the Man with the Yellow Hat to discover Compass the Doorman's Almost-Homing Pigeon and "Curious George on Time?"



For the episode transcript, see Curious George On Time Transcript.

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