Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 26B
Curious George Rides a Bike (Curious George episode)
The All Animal Recycled Band
Written by Chuck Tately
Air date 2007/02/19

Curious George Rides a Bike is the second half-episode of the twenty-sixth episode of Curious George.


In Country, Bill the Country Neighbor Boy delivers newspapers on his bicycle, causing Curious George to wish that he may have one, too, when the Man with the Yellow Hat explains that the bicycle in the basement was his as a boy, so the Man with the Yellow Hat attempts to restore the bicycle tires with an air-pump, for Curious George to ride with his yellow helmet.

Now, three days later, Curious George has his first bicycle, so the Man with the Yellow Hat tells him three things to be a good little monkey cyclist: "Watch where you're going. Stay on the right side of road. And signal turns by extending arm."

Well, when Curious George catches up to Bill, Bill explains that he's running late for school, and so, could Curious George deliver the remainder of his newspaper route? Bill explains that every house on the left side of the street receives a newspaper, one of which Curious George tosses to hit Mr. Quint, who tends to his garden.

But when Curious George stops to play with the ducks, he decides to make newspaper boats to sail down the stream, or at least until a lady upon a bench explains that customers await their morning newspapers, and these are now all wet.

Oh, maybe the Man with the Yellow Hat knows where to get dry newspapers, but on Curious George's way back to ask, he wrecks into a rock, lands upon his helmet, and wrecks his bicycle.

Then, Mr. Renkins explains that neither he nor Leslie the Cow knows how to repair a bicycle rim, but Mrs. Renkins knows how because she's welding in the barn.

And then, Mrs. Renkins fixes the wheel into a vice to repair rim and spokes, and inter-tube to patch, but when Curious George tries to help, he wrecks the seat with a wrench, but Curious George does knows how to use an air-pump....

So, after Curious George rushes back to tell the Man with the Yellow Hat about his newspaper problems, the Man with the Yellow Hat presents him with a brand new bicycle, and he forgets to report about the wet newspapers, but somehow Bill rides by from school to tell the Man with the Yellow Hat that a woman saw a duck riding a newspaper boat down the stream, but how will Curious George be able to deliver dry newspaper from his new bicycle with the Man with the Yellow Hat on his old bicycle, all while "Curious George Rides a Bike?"



For the episode transcript, see Curious George Rides a Bike (Curious George TV Series) Transcript.

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