Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 17B
Curious George Sees the Light
George Makes a Stand
Candy Counter
Written by Cate Lieuwen
Air date 2006/10/18

Curious George Sees the Light is the second half-episode of the seventeenth episode of Curious George.


In the Country, Jumpy Squirrel leaps from tree to tree, as Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat return to notice construction. Bill the Country Neighbor explains to the Man with the Yellow Hat that the workers are installing a traffic signal, at the T in the road, after Curious George runs down to watch.

Now, Jumpy Squirrel experiences frustration to discover that the work crew has severed road crossing branches, which now prevents him from crossing the trees across the road. So now, Jumpy Squirrel and Curious George stand at the T in the road to watch the lights change, and the way in which this affects traffic.

Well, Curious George decides that drivers approaching the T by the right would like green, that those approaching the T by the side route would like yellow, and that those approaching the T by the left would like red, and so he rearranges the signals, by placing same-colored disks over the lights.

Now, this creates a variety of reactions. Mr. Renkins, approaching from the right is able to plow right through the T with three green lights, while Mr. Quint, arriving from the left must wait in a line of traffic behind three red lights, and those arriving via the side route must wait behind three yellow lights, but not as long as those driving from the left.

But Mr. Quint's brother Wint Quint the Sheriff arrives on the scene from the left in his police vehicle, to remove Curious George's disks and to explain the symbols behind the colors, or at least until Curious George's ladder knocks out the power, before Wint Quint returns to notice that Jumpy Squirrel has been displaced from crossing the road with his acorns, as well as Tracy the Hen and her six little Chickies.

So, Wint Quint the Sheriff discovers that the working crew has made a mistake, by installing a traffic signal intended for the City. But how will Jumpy Squirrel and Tracy the Hen and her six little Chickies now be able to cross the road after "Curious George Sees the Light?"



For the episode transcript, see Curious George Sees the Light Transcript.

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