Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 29B
Curious George Takes a Dive
George Fixes Betsy's Wagon
Written by Raye Lankford
Air date 2007/02/22

Curious George Takes a Dive is the second half-episode of the twenty-ninth episode of Curious George.


In the Country, the Man with the Yellow Hat designs a garden project as Curious George digs deeply so that the seedling's roots don't dry out, when Curious George discovers worms living in the dirt below the surface and wonders how anything could survive underground.

Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat explains that animals do live underground and underwater, such as the turtle, which Curious George has already discovered back when he and Bill the Country Neighbor Boy went swimming in Lake Wannasink Lake.

Now, in flashback sequence, Curious George and Bill dive into Lake Wannasink Lake, while Mr. Quint fishes from his rowboat. And, when Bill explains that animals live underneath the water, Curious George imagines lions and tigers and bears but discovered eels, snails and fish, along with the turtle who lives on land, but who also swim beneath the water of the Lake, that is, if Curious George permits this.

Then, you see, Curious George tries to keep the turtle safe on land to prevent it from drowning, but because Curious George splashes him with mud, the turtle needs a bath, and so Curious George takes him into the Country house to bathe him.

And then, when Curious George dreams of having the turtle for a brother (dream within flashback), he figures the turtle to be homesick, and so he retrieves lake-side sand, complete with snails, to pour into the bathtub. And, when Curious George jumps into Lake Wannasink Lake, Mr. Quint offers to assist him, by gearing him to dive beneath the water, with flippers, a net, goggles (from Bill) and life-preserving gear. Curious George returns to Lake Wannasink Lake to retrieve water, slim, frogs and fish....

But, when the Man with the Yellow Hat prepares to bathe after a long, hard day, the Man with the Yellow Hat discovers Curious George's mess in the bathtub, and so the Man with the Yellow Hat eagerly instructs Curious George upon how to return to water, sand and animals back to Lake Wannasink Lake.

So, back to the present day, do you think that worms would be happy living in a habitat of dirt beneath Curious George's bed? Or has Curious George already learned his lesson as he reminisces about the turtle and the time when "Curious George Takes a Dive?"



For the episode transcript, see Curious George Takes a Dive Transcript.

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