• Narrator: The man with the yellow hat was busy putting film in his camera. George stared and looked out the window. Their neighbor, Mr. Nelson passed by! (Andy barks) He was walking his dog, Andy. (Andy barks) Sometimes, Mr. Nelson had to run with Andy pulled up. What would it be like to walk a pet? George was curious. He waited until Mr. Nelson and his dog were back home. Then he went over to their house and rang the doorbell.
  • (doorbell rings)
  • Narrator: Mr. Nelson didn't have answered, but the door was opened, so George went in. Andy's leash was hanging on a hook, George tried to put it on him, (Andy barks) and he leaped away. Then George discovered Mr. Nelson's other pets, he had a cat, a canary in a cage and a goldfish in a bowl. Could George take all of them for a while? He tried to put the leash on the cat, but she has to get out and ran away. Next, George opened the bird cage, but the bird flew away. The cat jumped out of the bird and he chased the cat and the bird flew around in circles and the goldfish splashed in his bowl. What excited! Suddenly, Mr. Nelson rushed in.
  • Mr. Nelson: What's going on?
  • Narrator: He yelled. George dropped the leash and ran to the house, now he's safe. Mr. Nelson tried to calm down his pets, he made Andy lie down, he patted the cat, put the bird back in his cage and fed the goldfish, then he went back to the kitchen. The coast was clear! George sneaked back to watch the pets, he was sure where they all like to go for a walk. How can George put a leash on the bird or the goldfish? Suddenly, George knew what to do. (Curious George zooms past) He ran back home, got his little red wagon and pulled it over to Mr. Nelson's house. Then he put the bird cage in the wagon, then put the goldfish there next to it, then he picked up the cat and put it in the wagon, but the cat dropped out when Andy came over to see what was going on! Quickly, George hooked the leash to the dog's collar, then he tied the other end to the wagon and he could help him pull. Finally, they were ready and off they went. The cat followed him. Now George was walking all the pets on the garden street. At the first house, Mrs. James' dog ran out and try to find the wagon then Mary O'Brian's cat fell alive too. In no time, Mr. Cline's poodle, Mrs. Finely's beagle, Dr. Barnes' collie and all the other pets in the neighborhood were following George. What a parade! But the neighbors didn't think so. Mr. Nelson came running after them. So, then Mary O'Brian and Dr. Barnes and Mr. Cline and Mrs. Finely.
  • People: Stop! Stop!
  • Narrator: They shouted angrily.
  • Mr. Nelson: What are you doing with our pets? Bring them back!
  • Narrator: George was scared! What did he do now?
  • Mrs. James: Wait a minute!
  • Narrator: Called Mrs. James from her doorway.
  • Mrs. James: Why are you angry with him? George is our pet walker, he can be a great helper towards.
  • Mary O'Brian: Gee, that's right!
  • Narrator: Said Mary O'Brian.
  • Mary O'Brian: I meant about pet walkers! And I never thought we can have one of the gardens great.
  • Dr. Barnes: George is doing a good job too!
  • Narrator: Said Dr. Barnes.
  • Dr. Barnes: But that's so really behaving!
  • Mr. Cline: A pet walker can save me a lot of time!
  • Narrator: Said Mr. Cline. Just then, the man with the yellow hat came running over.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: Hold still, everybody!
  • Narrator: He shouted.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: I wanna take a picture! Everybody, smile! (camera shutter clicks)
  • Narrator: And so they did.

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