• (clock ticks, alarm rings)
  • Narrator: It was time for George to get out and have breakfast with his friend, the man with the yellow hat. George got out of bed and went to the kitchen. But the man wasn't there. George looked into the living room. Nobody there. Then he went into the study. Nobody there either. So George went back to the kitchen and have breakfast alone. But where was his friend? Why was he home? Maybe he was angry at George. After all, George did cause some trouble lately. He did turn on the hydrant, he did cause trouble at the concert and more trouble at the ranch. So George decided to leave home, he packed his little bag and left. He walked down the street. No one was around and that is almost no one. A little scruffy dog with a curly tail was following George. George kept walking and so did the dog. They came to a park where mothers were sitting and talking while their children were riding tricycles or a swing on a high bar.
  • (dog barks)
  • Narrator: Suddenly, George felt something scratching his leg. It was a scruffy little dog. He wanted to play with George. A boy got off his tricycle and went to the water fountain. George quickly got on the tricycle and so the little dog. They rode over to the highway. Children were lying on the swing from one hand to the other. George got off the tricycle, sneaked on front and climbed up the ladder and began to swing.
  • Girl: Why didn't you wait your turn?
  • Narrator: Yelled the girl.
  • Boy: Get down from there!
  • Narrator: Shouted her brother. It was time to get away. George jumped down and two of them ran off. In the middle of the park was a gazebo. People were listening to the music. A man was playing a strange looking instrument. George and his friend were listening too. They began to dance.
  • Woman: Isn't that cute?
  • Narrator: Said a woman.
  • Man: A monkey and a dog doing the polka! Why don't we try too?
  • Narrator: Said a man. They got out and started to dance. Soon, all the people were dancing, they were having a wonderful time. And that is until the children came running over.
  • Boy: That's the monkey who took my tricycle!
  • Narrator: Shouted one of them.
  • Girl: And he pushed in front of us on the high bar!
  • Narrator: Said the girl. The musician came over.
  • Musician: Just a moment!
  • Narrator: He said.
  • Musician: I've been playing for an hour but it wasn't for these two. Nobody wouldn't have any fun.
  • Man: Children, leave George and his friend alone.
  • Narrator: Said the man.
  • Woman: And leave us alone too.
  • Narrator: Added the woman.
  • Woman: You have a good time making new friends.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: And I finally found my friend!
  • Narrator: Said the man with the yellow hat coming through the crowd.
  • Man with the Yellow. Hat: You were still asleep, George! When I went to the post office! When I came home, you were gone!
  • Narrator: Then he picked up George.
  • Man with the Yellow Hat: Let's go home!
  • Narrator: He said. They waved goodbye to everyone. They got into their little blue car and drove off (the car drives away) with the little scruffy dog.

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