Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 24B
Curious George and the Missing Piece
Keep Out Cows
Camping With Hundley
Written by Bruce Akiyama
Air date 2007/01/18

Curious George and the Missing Piece is the second half-episode of the twenty-fourth episode of Curious George.


In the City, at Museum of Science, Curious George discovers new things, by looking at the dinosaur exhibit through a magnifying glass, when Professor Wiseman appears to show Curious George her newest exhibit, making it Museum of Science's third dinosaur.

Now, outside, Charkie the black Cocker Spaniel intercepts Curious George's magnifying glass, causing Curious George to chase her, and to trip over a mound, inside which Curious George discovers a bone, which Charkie intercepts once she returns with the magnifying glass.

Well, Curious George manages to track down Charkie and the bone and returns to Museum of Science with bone, figuring that it belongs to a dinosaur, but all three dinosaurs seem to have all of their bones, and so Curious George returns to Apartment Building 7, to award Charkie with Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund's treats, for her to release the bone, which she again intercepts until he manages to retrive it.

Then Curious George carries the bone upstairs to sneak beneath the table to size up the bone with the Man with the Yellow Hat's leg, but the Man with the Yellow Hat doesn't seem to match with this bone, so Curious George enters the Pet Store, to size up the bone with various animals, but to no avail, and so Curious George enters the Zoo, to discover the giraffe too tall, while the meerkats won't cooperate, while the lions are too big and vicious, and so Curious George carries the bone to Bijou Theater to observe a dragon upon its marquis, and from there it's up to Curious George's imagination to bewilder him.

But, back at the apartment, when the Man with the Yellow Hat drops jigsaw puzzle pieces, and Curious George discovers them in his bowl of cereal but doesn't think that the pieces match anything, the Man with the Yellow Hat tells Curious George that you can't tell what the elephant in the puzzle looks like by one piece.

And so, Curious George takes the bone into the streets, where Charkie again intercepts the bone and runs to Endless Park to bury the bone, so Curious George must excavate, where he discovers another identical bone and digs for more, to discover several identical ones, thinking that they belong to a dinosaur, but the bones all appear alike.

So, when Professor Wiseman arrives to the site of Curious George's excavation, along with Charkie, Betsy and Steve, Betsy explains that the bones are Charkie's missing toys, and Steve explains that they have just purchased a new toy, before the Park Patrolman orders Curious George to refill the hole. But then, what really lies beneath Endless Park under "Curious George and the Missing Piece?"



For the episode transcript, see Curious George and the Missing Piece Transcript.

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