Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 22B
Curious George and the One That Got Away
Curious George Takes a Vacation
Ski Monkey
Written by Bruce Akiyama
Air date 2007/01/16

Curious George and the One That Got Away is the second half-episode of the twenty-second episode of Curious George.


In the country, after a stormy rain, Curious George takes his camera to join Mr. Quint at the dock of the lake to inventory everything in Lake Wadda Saint Lake, where they count fish, turtles, frogs and a tuba, which they retrieve from the water, as well as a metal pet carrier and an eel, which Mr. Quint says must have lost its way en route to the river to the sea.

Now, the next morning, Curious George heads to the pier early, but Mr. Quint tells him that he has to leave the lake to row his canoe to the river, to help a stranded whale to return to sea.

Well, Bill the Country Neighbor Boy shows up to tell Curious George about the eel, so Curious George decides to rescue the eel before Bill captures it as a pet, and so Curious George and Bill each tries to capture the eel before the other.

But what Curious George doesn't seem to understand is that Bill and he are attempting to rescue the eel for the same purpose, to release it from the lake into the river, for the eel to swim safely to sea.

And now Curious George decides to create a makeshift fishing pole to capture the eel, trying with a rod and rope, but the rod slips from his hands, and then trying an umbrella and rope, but the umbrella flies away in a strong wind, and then with a mop and rope, which seems the most effective of Curious George's fishing tools.

So, when Mr. Quint returns to tell the Man with the Yellow Hat about his experience trying to steer the whale back toward the sea, will Bill be able to tell the Man with the Yellow Hat about "Curious George and the One That Got Away?"



For the episode transcript, see Curious George and the One That Got Away Transcript.

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