Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 3B
Curious George and the Trash
Up A Tree
Curious George Gets All Keyed Up
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2007/09/05

Curious George and the Trash is the second half-episode of the thirty-third episode of Curious George.


In the City, Curious George discovers new and unexplained things, as the Man with the Yellow Hat practices his smile in the bathroom mirror for his new driver's license photograph. Curious George tries this for himself, by taking the Yellow Hat and ruining it in the bowl.

Now, the Man with the Yellow Hat takes his Yellow Hat to the Dry Cleaner, pacing the floors, as he awaits the return of his Yellow Hat. The Man without the Yellow Hat then asks for Curious George to toss out the boxes of trash for trash day.

Then, the Man without the Yellow Hat goes for his run, as the Dry Cleaner delivers the Man with the Yellow Hat's Yellow Hat, but Curious George mixes up the trash boxes and accidentally discards the box with the Yellow Hat!

And then, Curious George returns to the apartment to discover that the box remaining behind contains not the Yellow Hat, but garbage, and so he returns to the garbage chute, where Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund and the Doorman rescue him from falling into the garbage chute!

Well, the Doorman escorts Curious George to the dumpster downstairs, but the sanitation crew already has removed the contents of the dumpster and drives away to the garbage dump! The Doorman explains that the garbage truck already left, so Curious George races across the City to try to recover the Yellow Hat and encounters the Man without the Yellow Hat near Endless Park, who is pleased to hear that the Dry Cleaner has already delivered the Yellow Hat.

Yet, as Curious George then races into an alley where he believes that he hears a garbage truck, he discovers that it's a pet groomer's truck, whose operator bathes a poodle in the lane.

Now, Curious George races around the City, searching for garbage cans and dumpsters which haven't been emptied, but it appears as though every can in the City has been emptied, or at least until Curious George arrives at Chef Pisghetti's, where Chef Pisghetti explains that recyclables go to the Recycling Center, but the trash goes to the landfill, where Curious George scurries to find himself overwhelmed by the amount of trash.

But, as Curious George drives a steam-roller in search of the Yellow Hat, he discovers that a sanitation engineer has presented the Yellow Hat to her supervisor, who says that he's always wanted one ever seen he saw a Man with a Yellow Hat with a pet monkey, and so she asks if that's the reason why he hired a monkey to drive the steam-roller.

So, will the Man without the Yellow Hat be reunited with his Yellow Hat in time for his driver's license photograph after Curious George searches the City once the Yellow Hat has been "Trashed?"



For the episode transcript, see Curious George and the Trash Transcript.

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