Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 19B
Curious George in the Dark
The Truth About George Burgers
The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat
Written by Bruce Akiyama
Air date 2006/10/20

Curious George in the Dark is the second half-episode of the ninteenth episode of Curious George.


In the country, on a rainy day, Curious George and Jumpy Squirrel play outdoors around lots of puddles, and with a rubber ball, which Curious George manages to lose, but soon finds after it rolls into a cave and lands in the dark.

Well, Curious George has never before seen the inside the cave, but neither can he see anything inside the cave, and so he cannot locate his missing ball.

Now, back at the Country house, the Man with the Yellow Hat is baking his famous banana walnut cake, but Curious George doesn't want to help, so he instead locates the flashlight and carries it outdoors, to invite Jumpy Squirrel into cave, but Jumpy Squirrel doesn't want to go inside.

But, inside the cave, Curious George discovers a new playground with rocks, a stream, and stalagmites, projecting upward from the base of the limestone cave, where he plays with shadows created from the beams of the flashlight and soon discovers his ball, but then accidentally knocks the flashlight from the stalagmite with the ball, losing both, and is now truly afraid of the dark.

So, Curious George returns to his room, to jump onto his bed with his teddy bear, when the Man with the Yellow Hat enters to turn out the lights for the night, causing Curious George to become afraid once he awakens in the drafty shadows.

Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat awakens to discover nearly every light in the house turned on, and so he turns them off, while Curious George follows him to turn them back on. So, the Man with the Yellow Hat gives Curious George a night light, explaining that there's nothing to fear, or at least not until a big bad rainstorm causes the power to go out, possibly for 4 days or 4 nights.

And when the Man with the Yellow Hat looks for his flashlight, it is missing because Curious George has left it in the cave! So, the next morning, Curious George takes the leftover walnuts to leave a trail for Jumpy Squirrel to follow him into the cave so that he would not have to search alone, and once before its entrance, the rain causes Jumpy Squirrel to follow Curious George into the cave.

Well, when Mr. Quint arrives inside to step out of the rain, too, thus causing tremendous fear in Jumpy Squirrel, but not in Curious George, because now they have two flashlights and the ball, so it's pretty silly for Jumpy Squirrel to feel fear, but not Curious George now that they are able to find their way back to the kitchen, with Mr. Quint, to sample the Man with the Yellow Hat's banana walnut cake, but can this ease the tensions of Jumpy Squirrel and "Curious George in the Dark?"



For the episode transcript, see Curious George in the Dark Transcript.

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