Dennis' Hiccups & 22 Other Stories is the fourth video with 23 more episodes of the prank-filled children's animated 1963 TV series, The Beano based on the Beano comic characters, Dennis the Menace (voice of Susan Sheridan) and his dog Gnasher (Billy West). Episodes are: 'Dennis's Hiccups', 'Bash Street Kids and Fatty Fudge', 'It's a Dad's Life', 'Soap Box Cart', 'Minnie's Aunties', 'GPS', 'The Return of the Pink Glove', 'Molar Mouth', 'Chair', 'Porridge', 'Bed', 'Pink Glove', 'The Switzerland Newcomers', 'Mrs. Blakeningsop and the Chocolate Factory', 'Big Suprise', 'Lake Beautiful', 'The Snowman Army', 'Mrs. Blakeningsop's Shopping Mall', 'The New School', 'The Left-Sock Thievers', 'Rainy Day in Utica, New York', 'Hotdog' and 'A Birthday Party'.


First, in Dennis's Hiccups, Smiffy and Sidney meet Wilfred, Erbert, Conrad and Sally, but Plug tells Dennis and Gnasher to play train and Dennis has hiccups. Minnie checks out Mrs. Walters for her shopping errand but simply by telling Danny and Toots all about it before they come in. Fatty, Spotty and Ken Bahn would arrive to stay with Erbert, Wilfred, Conrad, Sally, Smiffy and Sidney. Dennis, Gnasher, Minnie, Plug, Danny and Toots to look for mystery, Mrs. Blakeningsop tells them how to play detective and she will have to get home. They meet Walter, Bertie and Spotty how to get to the hospital. Suddenly, they will meet Mr. HaHa how Dennis has got hiccups.

Next, in Bash Street Kids and Fatty Fudge, Fatty Fudge arrives at Bash Street School but his son introduces him to the Bash Street Kids. Sally would see her mother, Mrs. Blakeningsop as she comes to take her home. Toots tells Mrs. Ramsbottom and her baby how to get home as she says goodbye to them. Minnie meets Mr. Zakinski so he has the job so he leaves.

Dennis, Danny, Fatty, Plug, Spotty, Conrad, Ken Bahn, Erbert, Wilfred, Smiffy, Sidney, Fatty Fudge and his son run to find Sally and Mrs. Blakeningsop as they discover at Conrad and Sally's house. A man will have a beard in the picture as he controls this if they got nothing. Toots tells the photographer while he's not snapping pictures. Minnie meets Mrs. Blakeningsop and Sally come with her.

The boys ran to meet three Fatty Fudges: Red, yellow and blue as they come with them. Toots meets Mrs. Blakeningsop, Sally and Minnie as she comes with them at Bash Street School as the boys arrive to have a great teamwork.

Next, in It's a Dad's Life, When George's Boss leaves, George will go to his house with an umbrella when it rains while Minnie tells him to get the seed trap. Minnie uses the stroller while George can be a baby, so Minnie cuts his pant legs but also five years old for school. Minnie thought it makes her into doing her homework.

George become a clown to enjoy the circus, he became the king of Beanotown just like Mrs. Kwan, the Delightful Children from Down the Lane's babysitter. Suddenly, the plumber tells him to crumple at his freak, but when Sir arrives that George was calling out the guard. George will be the king and Sir will be Cinderella.

George's boss returns that Minnie tells him that her dad is being loved, doomed and hard. Minnie and her dad were on a roller coaster while she gives him free tickets for that ride.

Next, in Soap Box Cart, When Dennis' dad sprained his right ankle, he wears an adhesive wrap around it but he's late for his doctor's appointment to get his sprain wrist to check out. Dennis wants to ride soap box cart with his dad (on crutches) then he tells him to come down.

Dennis and his dad (on crutches) ride a soap box cart he doesn't mean to drive. Mr. HaHa tells Dennis that his father's wrist is completely better he has a cast on his left foot and ends with every body part bandaged except his wrist and he's on crutches.

Next, in Minnie's Aunties, Minnie tells her dad to wake up and it's eleven o'clock as they went down the stairs. Minnie calls on Mrs. Blumberg and Mrs. Thompson so she can meet Aunty Fanny and Aunty Gertrude. Parky arrives to get George a package as he opens it up and it was a picture of him.

Next, in GPS, Mr. School Inspector, Winston and two rats watch television with Generic Presenter Stuart Miles announces to meet the new Bash Street Kids. The Bash Street Kids, Gnasher, Dennis' school teacher, Olive, Headmaster and Janitor are surrendering Bash Street School. Walter, Bertie and Spotty say that a rock is falling on the street.

The Bash Street Kids and Gnasher meet Mrs. Blakeningsop at the Mega Mall as they go up to the escalator, Mrs. Walters tells her that she gets some eggs. The Bash Street Kids meet Generic Presenter Stuart Miles at his shop, they meet Walter, Bertie and Spotty as they find Mrs. Blakeningsop to tell the Bash Street Kids that she will take them home.

Next, in The Return of The Pink Glove, The Bash Street Kids sing "In My Bereau Drawer". But the Pink Glove makes his escape that The Bash Street Kids and Gnasher would have to check around.

Mrs. Blakeningsop says that she will return at 3:30 AM sharp, while the Pink Glove is chasing after her while Conrad says that and he tells Rasher but he and Sally gather up together and Danny says that any softly pink glove. The Pink Glove chases after Mrs. Blakeningsop through the grocery store, he meets the ginger Harry Potter and the kid in the yellow jumper.

Walter, Bertie and Spotty arrive at Conrad and Sally's house so Plug lets them in, Danny and Toots will go to the toy room. Unfortunately, the Pink Glove and Mr. Zakinski sing "Someone Stole My Hoo-too-foo-too-boo-to-bah!" Jacques cries and Spotty should cheer him up and gives the pony to him.

Mrs. Blakeningsop tells the Bash Street Kids to find the Pink Glove and he comes in, but Cynthia arrives to meet Dennis. Mr. Zakinski and Medroom from the ice factory come to pull the mask off, it was Magasie, the Photographer arrives to take a picture of her.

Next, in Molar Mouth, When Professor Moderoid arrives at Bash Street School, he shows Plug, Danny, Fatty, Conrad, Sally, Dennis, Spotty, Wilfred, Sidney, Toots, Ken Bahn, Minnie, Erbert and Smiffy their teeth. Professor Moderoid says that those toothbrushes will be ready to begin.

Dennis' school teacher likes to show the Bash Street Kids to give him a smile. Professor Moderoid said that this elephant has these tusks. Fatty likes buns to make his teeth served to puncher. Professor Moderoid eats an apple while the Bash Street Kids would slap him on the back, now he has false teeth.

Dennis' school teacher shakes hands to Professor Moderoid, Plug says that he has left his happy smile on Ken Bahn's mouth.

Next, in Chair, Ted makes some roast beef for Mam, Pa and him as they eat them. Mam, Pa and Ted discover the way. The three bears return to the cave and Ted says that his chair is broken.

Next, in Porridge, The three bears have to go out to ride a horse and land on the sea to see a shark. Mam, Pa and Ted will have ramen, Ted will be Cowboy Ted as he meets Mr. Cowboy Cook at Theodore's Brand County of Dancing Bears. The three bears return to the cave and they said that all their porridge are gone.

Next, in Bed, The three bears would fix some beds. Mam, Pa and Ted go out where somebody's around here. The three bears return to the cave.

Next, in Pink Glove, Dennis and Gnasher are charging at the house. Unfortunately, Adolf Hitler says that he has two buckets full of sweet smelling water and rose pedals. The Pink Glove makes his escape where Dennis says that he's not going to let any softly pink glove getting better out of mean, he tells Rasher about the hottest thing is tidied up his stuff of him.

Meanwhile, Dennis winds up the boxing glove and he says that his sock filled with mittens softly now, he winds up the boxing glove again and it zooms through the door of the shop with the Pink Glove's horse. Gnasher sniffs at the perky pond of menacing mud while Rasher kisses him. Suddenly, Dennis, Gnasher and Rasher got the Pink Glove.

Dennis holds his teddy bear but Katzenberger does not tell him like hugging teddy bears. Dennis snores in bed and Gnasher takes the lights on. The suspects that are: Walter the Softy, Bertie Blenkinsop and Spotty Perkins. Dennis and Gnasher went to the ice factory to help Mr. Zakinski and Medroom get the ice. The Pink Glove says that he's locked in abilities to you.

Walter, Bertie and Spotty arrive at Dennis' house. Walter says that Bertie's got his camera ready, Dennis and Gnasher were very cold. Dennis is reading this to get an idea to track the Pink Glove, when Gnasher rounds Walter, Bertie and Spotty up, It's too tough for them to break. Dennis says that none of them is wearing the pink glove and he tells them to bake for his menace trap.

Dennis and Gnasher get the stick and string to get the Pink Glove out, he takes his mask off and it was Magasie, she says that she didn't get back for Dennis upon the rack for the treatment is given you all of these years.

Next, in The Switzerland Newcomers, The snow was falling outside the house but Mrs. Blakeningsop has to do some Christmas shopping at the Mega Mall, she will return at 3:30 AM sharp. Sally has to run to Switzerland and she tells The Girl's Knee and Freeze Your Knees to take her home.

Unfortunately, Ken Bahn says that The Girl's Knee's mom will come to pick him up really soon and Freeze Your Knees' dad will come to pick him up later. Conrad plays piano to sing "My Uncle Terwilliger Waltzes with Bears". The Girl's Knee's mom is coming to pick him up and it's time to go home. Suddenly, Freeze Your Knees' dad is coming to pick him up and it's time to go home.

Conrad, Sally and Ken Bahn sing "My Uncle Terwilliger Likes to Pat". When Mrs. Blakeningsop came home and she tells them that she does the Christmas shopping at the Mega Mall.

Next, in Mrs. Blakeningsop and the Chocolate Factory, Walter tells Mrs. Blakeningsop as they get those chocolates at the grocery store, so he looks for Bertie and Spotty at the toy shop, Mrs. Blakeningsop checks out Mrs. Walters as she gives her a full of chocolates as she gets home as they chase after her while she gets home to tell her kids a golden ticket for her chocolate factory.

Mrs. Blakeningsop welcomes the Bash Street Kids, Gnasher, Fatty Fudge and his son to the chocolate factory as they come in. Mrs. Blakeningsop, The Bash Street Kids, Gnasher, Fatty Fudge and his son went to the chocolate room as Fatty goes to the chocolate river that Plug chases after him as they went to the fudge room.

Mrs. Blakeningsop, The Bash Street Kids, Gnasher, Fatty Fudge and his son went to the inventing room as Dennis, Minnie, Danny and Toots like to have gum that they turn blue as they went to the juicing room.

Mrs. Blakeningsop, The Bash Street Kids, Gnasher, Fatty Fudge and his son went to the nut room as Conrad, Sally, Ken Bahn and Spotty want a nut right now that they went to the garbage chute, they went to the incinerator.

Mrs. Blakeningsop, The Bash Street Kids, Gnasher, Fatty Fudge and his son went to the television room as Erbert, Wilfred, Smiffy and Sidney teleported through television, they went to the bubble gum room.

Mrs. Blakeningsop, Gnasher, Fatty Fudge and his son walk as Walter, Bertie and Spotty arrive as she tells them that the Bash Street Kids are ruined as they went to the glass elevator to go up.

Next, in Big Suprise, Dennis tells Gnasher that he wants more cornflakes, his dad says that he's growing as big as an elephant. There was a lot to see at the zoo. A monkey chatters and an elephant screams that he smashes the zoo gate the painters were painting the picture on the billboard, he smashes the chicken coop and a car wash is full of cars. Dennis' dad says that he has a serious work where Dennis is about over feeding that dog.

Next, in Lake Beautiful, Plug is cheered at by the pupils of Bash Street (aka the Fatty Fudges) for being 'the ugliest boy in the world' and they place a mirror in front of him, causing it to smash, proving he is truly ugly. The Headmaster tells Dennis' school teacher that something has to be done because Plug is ruining the good name of Bash Street.

Smiffy solves the problem by bringing in a mask resembling a handsome man for Plug to wear, Sidney says that was a handsome man. But Plug unwittingly forgets to cut out eye holes, which causes him to walk into the wall and smash his face, making him even more ugly. Par the Scottish school doctor arrives, and believes there is a cure in the mountains of Tibet, where there is a man called the Keeper who owns a lake called Lake Beautiful which will make anyone handsome.

Cuthbert and the kids fly to Tibet, where the airport manager is awful, and the plane is so old that the kids have to hold bits of it together on take off. They make a hasty exit on a sledge, which crashes to a Tibetan monastery.

The monks arrive, and they understand English, but their food is even worse. The monk shows Cuthbert and the kids a map and points to the Lake's location.

On a long hike to the lake, the class discover a Burger Bar in the form of an igloo, complete with a bear receptionists. They all reserve a huge nosh of burgers, chips and hotdogs, and discover that it's not just the mountains that are sky high, but the prices too.

Cuthbert tells Mr. Keeper that he has a problem but perhaps that his Lake Beautiful can cure. Unfortunately, Mr. Keeper makes a snowball on the kids except Plug as it lands on Lake Beautiful. Danny, Toots, Spotty, Ken Bahn, Erbert, Wilfred, Smiffy, Sidney, Conrad, Sally, Dennis, Minnie and Fatty need a handsome treatment except Plug.

Next, in The Snowman Army, Godfrey pays attention to the soldiers, simply Dennis and Plug go marching with Gnasher moving the sled with four snowman, although Danny, Spotty, Sally, Conrad, Ken Bahn, Minnie, Erbert, Wilfred, Smiffy, Sidney, Toots and Fatty arrive. Walter arrives with a sweet little snow teddy on his sled, Dennis pushes the swing and the snowman lands on him. Unfortunately, Dennis and Gnasher will put Walter out and Sally rescues him as they can watch three Fatty Fudges, Fatty Fudge and his son go roller skating while Godfrey catches them with a net.

Parky arrives at Bash Street School and he tells the Bash Street Kids to get the snowman down, Dennis pushes the snowman in the slide and it falls onto him. Suddenly, Parky tells Mrs. Blakeningsop how to get to her car while Walter and Sally can wait to stop the car. Dennis and Gnasher came out of the jungle gym onto the see-saw and a snowman was flying to the roof of Bash Street School and it lands on the soldiers.

Godfrey tells the soldiers how to shake, Sally loves Spotty then a canon comes by then the soldiers shoot the snowballs where all the Bash Street Kids and Gnasher throw them.

Next, in Mrs. Blakeningsop's Shopping Mall, Mrs. Blakeningsop takes her kids to the Mega Mall, they will be back at 3:30 AM sharp. The Bash Street Kids and Gnasher arrive to show Mrs. Blakeningsop to go up to the escalator as they sing "Hurry Hurry Hurry!"

Mrs. Blakeningsop, The Bash Street Kids and Gnasher are going to the grocery store, but Mrs. Blakeningsop needs some cabbages as she tells Walter, Bertie and Spotty that they get some watermelon, they tell the Bash Street Kids and Gnasher that they want to go.

Mrs. Walters hands Mrs. Blakeningsop some cabbages as she runs after the Softies on the escalator that the Bash Street Kids and Gnasher chase after them as they get to the car. Mrs. Blakeningsop puts a car radio on and they sing "Ah-a-a-a-a-a-h...Choo" a drawn out sneeze set to music, they came home that they had fun at the mall today.

Next, in The New School, The Bash Street Kids were playing battle before Mr. School Inspector knocks the door then it uses a woodworm who would let his key. Mr. School Inspector wants to show Danny around, Spotty says that he wants to play rocket launch and he flies onto the ceiling that Dennis' school teacher was shocked. Olive arrives where Danny says that Mr. School Inspector wants some tea while his hat gets off and his mouth spits out of water. The Headmaster, Winston and two rats watch television with three horses.

Mr. School Inspector says that the school is finished and the staff were all sacked while Dennis' school teacher, Olive, Headmaster and Janitor were on the first sack and Winston was on the second sack, The Bash Street Kids play no more teacher and no more school, but Mr. School Inspector gets a fishing pole with eight things to get them.

Plug had plastic surgery to make him so handsome, Fatty was given fit and muscular and Tomboy, Spotty's spots were removed, Danny's trademark school hat to replaced by a top hat just like Lord Snooty's, Erbert was given contact lenses, Wilfred was given a jersey transplant, Smiffy was given a new brain, Sidney was given a haircut, Toots was given a more feminine makeover, Sally was given a Scottish uniform, Conrad was given a Switzerland uniform, Ken Bahn was given a Christmas uniform and the other one was given a basketball uniform, Dennis was given another Christmas uniform and Minnie was given an important looking hat just like Parky's. Mr. School Inspector tells Mrs. Blakeningsop, The three Fatty Fudges, Fatty Fudge and his son to meet the new Bash Street Kids, their replacement was The Delightful Children from Down the Lane and he says that someone was missing, they ran over to find Spotty that he has a skin as smooth as a baby's bottom. Mr. School Inspector takes the Bash Street Kids to Bash Street Academy to meet the robot teacher and he tells them to follow him.

The Bash Street Kids search for the computer while Danny has more numbers, however Plug's face didn't last long. Danny tells Plug that he's sorry to disturb him and he has a chalk for him. Plug gets through the base then Dennis' school teacher, Olive, Headmaster, Janitor and Winston tell him that he likes his new school. Mr. School Inspector uses a maths disk on the robot teacher, the Headmaster says that's how he works, Dennis' school teacher uses his job to a plastic disk, Plug says that gives him an idea. The singer Uncle Boink would help Plug, Dennis' school teacher, Olive, Headmaster, Janitor and Winston to record some sounds.

Plug's got a brand new disk while Dennis' school teacher, Olive, Headmaster, Janitor and Winston to say goodbye to him. After the robot teacher nearly zapped Danny with its laser, Plug decided to replace its maths disk for a music CD (We're the Kids of Bash Street School). Suddenly, Dennis uses his normal uniform, Sally uses her Swizerland uniform, Conrad uses his Scottish uniform, Ken Bahn uses his normal uniform and Toots uses her normal uniform, Smiffy, Sidney, Fatty, Minnie, Danny, Erbert, Wilfred and Spotty changed back to their old selves. The robot teacher began dancing to music and eventually went haywire.

The Bash Street Academy exploded, destroying the new kids making their defeat. After this, The Bash Street Kids enter the school as it reopened and Mr. School Inspector became a tramp to play his banjo. Dennis' school teacher tells the new kids all about history, Danny says that the gang are back before the bricks are paved that says "Bash Street Kids Rule O.K.".

Next, in The Left-Sock Theivers, Parky has three letters for Mrs. Blumberg, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Blakeningsop. Sally notices that they got the house a little dirty, Conrad recalls their mother's projected return at 3:30. When Mrs. Blakeningsop returns, and she asks the kids how their day was, and tells them that she saw Parky by getting his mail letter to her. Conrad, Sally and Ken Bahn search that there's nobody here. Mrs. Blakeninsop calls on Fatty Fudge with his son as he calls Conrad. Danny, Spotty, Wilfred, Erbert, Sidney, Smiffy, Plug, Fatty, Toots, Minnie, Dennis and Gnasher arrive at the house, Plug decided that Conrad has a flashlight. Walter, Bertie and Spotty arrive, Bertie likes to go to the toy room with Spotty and Walter likes to play piano that the Bash Street Kids sing "The Left-Sock Thievers", but Minnie and Danny scare the Left-Sock Thievers as Plug and Conrad said that what is happening.

In the night, the ginger Harry Potter and the kid in the yellow jumper are getting some bananas. But the red Fatty Fudge, the blue Fatty Fudge and the yellow Fatty Fudge are getting some watermelon. Cynthia says thanks to Mrs. Walters at the grocery store as she exits the shop, she heard the drummers drumming, The Left-Sock Thievers joined her to sing "Drummers Drumming". Mrs. Blakeningsop tells Cynthia taking her groceries, she joins Cynthia and the Left-Sock Thievers go upstairs as three Fatty Fudges, Fatty Fudge and his son join them. The Left-Sock Thievers grab the Softies away. The Bash Street Kids, Cynthia, Gnasher, Mrs. Blakeningsop, three Fatty Fudges, Fatty Fudge and his son have some brilliant teamwork.

Next, in Rainy Day in Utica, New York, It's a rainy day, and Mrs. Blakeningsop takes her kids to the airport but later return at 3:30 AM sharp as they get to a plane. Suddenly, the airport manager tests the group to fly a plane. A lot of people ran away but Parky, Mrs. Blakeningsop, The Bash Street Kids and Gnasher sing "Rainy Day in Utica, New York".

The Softies arrive and tell Mrs. Blakeningsop that they've been long from here because Mrs. Blakeningsop, The Bash Street Kids, Gnasher and Parky take them to escape their flight, Beanotown. They returned home but Mrs. Blakeningsop tells the Bash Street Kids that they escaped Cynthia, so she arrives. In the end, the gang sing "Party Parting".

Next, in Hotdog, A man tells the hotdog owner to place a ketchup, Dennis says that he will get a free bean. Gnasher and Gnipper look at the hotdog stand and two men put two sausages out of the hotdog while they bite them. Dennis says that Gnasher has got to let his, not their hotdog cavity ketchup.

And last, in A Birthday Party, Today is Conrad and Sally's birthday, then they're going to have a party while their mother needs to run some errands and she says that she'll return at 3:30 AM sharp. Conrad and Sally run to tell Ken Bahn how to lift up the table with the donuts and tea, Parky tells them to set it in the house today.

Conrad, Sally and Ken Bahn search for the toy room and sing "Let Us All Sing". The clock is ticking then Conrad gets the mail letter to use a guest list that says: The Cat in the Hat, Nutn Nose, The Prince Egg, Melodina, Acorn Tots, Big Oggo and Mu Mu, Disabear, Kaki Kaki, Grandma Fuji, Belly Boing, Water Chap, Klinki Klunki, Karlos K. Krinklebine, Nani Nani, Tsuchi, Pettan, Maru Bento, Foffo, Pokkonpakkon, Thing One and Thing Two. Suddenly, Conrad and Ken Bahn get an extra large cake to set it on the table. Conrad, Sally and Ken Bahn are waiting for their guests as they enter the house.

Mrs. Blakeningsop takes the groceries out of the car so she comes in to sing "Happy Birthday to Little Sally Spungel Sporn" just before the guests run out of the house. Sally and Mrs. Blakeningsop would do to have best friends.


  1. Dennis's Hiccups
  2. Bash Street Kids and Fatty Fudge
  3. It's a Dad's Life
  4. Soap Box Cart
  5. Minnie's Aunties
  6. GPS
  7. The Return of The Pink Glove
  8. Molar Mouth
  9. Chair
  10. Porridge
  11. Bed
  12. Pink Glove
  13. The Switzerland Newcomers
  14. Mrs. Blakeningsop and the Chocolate Factory
  15. Big Suprise
  16. Lake Beautiful
  17. The Snowman Army
  18. Mrs. Blakeningsop's Shopping Mall
  19. The New School
  20. The Left-Sock Theivers
  21. Rainy Day in Utica, New York
  22. Hotdog
  23. A Birthday Party


  • Smiffy
  • Sidney
  • Wilfred
  • Erbert
  • Conrad
  • Sally
  • Dennis the Menace
  • Gnasher
  • Plug
  • Minnie the Minx
  • Toots
  • Danny
  • Fatty
  • Spotty
  • Ken Bahn
  • Fatty Fudge
  • Boy
  • Mrs. Blakeningsop
  • Mrs. Thompson
  • Walter the Softie
  • Bertie
  • Spotty (Softie)
  • Mrs. Blumberg
  • Mr. HaHa
  • Mrs. Ramsbottom
  • Baby
  • Mr. Zakinski
  • Man (in picture)
  • Photographer
  • Fatty Fudge (Red version)
  • Fatty Fudge (Yellow version)
  • Fatty Fudge (Blue version)
  • George
  • George's Boss
  • The King
  • The Plumber
  • Sir
  • Cinderella
  • Dennis's Dad
  • Aunty Gertrude
  • Aunty Fanny
  • Parky
  • Mr. School Inspector
  • Winston
  • Rats
  • GPS
  • The ginger Harry Potter
  • The kid in the yellow jumper
  • The New Kids
  • Teacher
  • Olive
  • Head
  • Janitor
  • Medroom
  • Jacques
  • Cynthia
  • Mrs. Walters
  • Magasie (Pink Glove)
  • Reg Trademark
  • Slasher Brown
  • Vilhemina Slop Bucket
  • Katzenberger
  • Rasher
  • Professor Moderoid
  • Mam
  • Pa
  • Ted
  • Cowboy
  • Horse
  • Fishes
  • Shark
  • Prairie Dog
  • Mr. Cowboy Cook
  • Coyotes
  • Adolf Hitler (briefly voice only)
  • Teddy Bear
  • The Girl's Knee
  • Freeze Your Knees
  • Uncle Terwilliger (in dream of two songs)
  • The Girl's Knee's Mom (briefly voice only)
  • Freeze Your Knees' Dad (briefly voice only)
  • Cuthbert
  • Lots of People
  • Zookeepers
  • Monkey
  • Elephant
  • Painters
  • Chickens
  • Par the School Doctor
  • Airport Manager
  • Monks
  • Men at Burger Bar
  • Snowman
  • Man in purple coat
  • Man in red snowcap
  • Man in blue snowcap
  • Bear
  • Mr. Keeper
  • Godfrey
  • Soldiers
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Man
  • Barber
  • Woman
  • Mother
  • Baby
  • Mr. Robot
  • Uncle Boink
  • The Left-Sock Thievers
  • Gnipper
  • Hotdog Owner
  • Man #1
  • Man #2


  • The Cat in the Hat
  • Nutn Nose
  • The Prince Egg
  • Melodina
  • Acorn Tots
  • Big Oggo and Mu Mu
  • Disabear
  • Kaki Kaki
  • Grandma Fuji
  • Belly Boing
  • Water Chap
  • Klinki Klunki
  • Norval the Fish (credited as Karlos K. Krinklebine)
  • Nani Nani
  • Tsuchi
  • Pettan
  • Maru Bento
  • Foffo
  • Pokkonpakkon
  • Thing 1 and Thing 2



  1. FBI Warning
  2. Polygram Video Logo
  3. The Beano Intro
  4. "Dennis's Hiccups" Episode Title Card


  1. Ending to the Episode "A Birthday Party"
  2. The Beano Closing Credits
  3. Delta Entertainment Logo

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