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Dennis the Menace-1951
The Beano


The first Dennis design lacks his famous striped jumper and instead sports a plain white shirt and a striped necktie.
The Beano


In May 1951, Dennis sports his famous striped jumper. In September, Dennis gets a splash of red added to his distinctive jumper.
The Beano


Dennis the Menace-1954
The Beano


Dennis has now become taller, with a childish face.
Dennis the Menace-1960 v2
The Beano


Dennis has now considerably shrunk in size, and is given a meaner look.

He now has bigger eyes, a more bulbous nose and a broader chin. His mouth also is more joined to his nose.

Around 1964, Dennis becomes slightly taller.

Dennis the Menace-1980
The Beano 


Dennis now changed drastically. Now he looks older, with a thuggish body and a mean look, keeping the grin behind his nose.
Dennis the Menace-1993
The Beano


Dennis is now given a minor change in his look, appearing more childish, his eyes are bigger, his grin is no longer behind his nose, and his body is a little smaller.
Dennis the Menace (1996)

The Beano (1995-1998)

Dennis the Menace (1998)
The Beano


In the Parkins era, Dennis mostly kept his looks, but his eyes are now slightly bigger, and his mouth is again joined to his nose.
Dennis the Menace (2003)
The Beano


In the Nigel Parkinson era, Dennis had a more "cartoony" look.
Dennis 2009
The Beano


For the new animated series that year, Dennis' look changed drastically. He is now more cartoony and not menacing, and he now has 4 fingers instead of 5. He also changed his personality, preferring fun over mischief, and no longer menacing everyone.
Dennis the Menace (2011)
The Beano

( August 9 2012-2016)

Dennis has now returned to his mischievous roots, reverting to his pre-2009 look.
Dennis the Menace-2016
The Beano


Dennis had a minor change: His grin is now below his nose.

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