Scene: Dennis' house. Dennis feeds Gnasher with some corn flakes.

Dennis: Have some more corn flakes, Gnasher?
Dennis' Dad: You're over-feeding that dog! Watch out! He'll grow as big as an elephant!

Scene: The zoo. Dennis and Gnasher enter, along with other people.

Dennis: Let's go in here, Gnasher! (They see a monkey. He chatters, and Dennis chatters as a monkey)
Zookeeper: Elephants are easily scared by small furry creatures! (Gnasher zooms past) Oh!

(Elephant screams, the people zoomed past and he zooms past, smashes the gate while the painters are doing the painting and the paint falls onto him, smashes the chicken coop. Rooster speaks. A car wash is full of cars while the elephant smashes them)

Dennis' Dad: Now where's Dennis gone to... (Sees the elephant jumping) I must have a serious word with Dennis about over-feeding that dog.

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