• (Dennis plays his ball while his dad exits the the house wearing an adhesive wrap around his right ankle and an adhesive wrap on his left wrist)
  • Dennis: (off-screen) What? He sprained his ankle?
  • Dennis' Dad: I'm late for my doctor's appointment! He's gonna get my sprain wrist to check out! (zooms past) Just a minute I can't drive that my wrist bandaged!
  • Dennis: I'll tell you, dad!
  • Dennis' Dad: You? How can you take me?
  • Dennis: In my cart, of course!
  • Dennis' Dad: Hmmm. I suppose you have to...
  • (Dennis rides a soap box cart with his dad (on crutches))
  • Dennis' Dad: I didn't leave to direct this if I survive!
  • Dennis: Must remember my handsome clues!
  • Dennis' Dad: But you can't turn that, it's a soap box! (gate bonks on him)
  • Dennis: Why don't you finish a show caught? I need a time loose!
  • Dennis' Dad: (His hat pulls off) Well, what is that handsome on me?
  • Dennis: It means things, beware of funny things on the ride!
  • Dennis' Dad: Whoa!
  • Dennis: Dad? Goodie! Where are you? (holds the soap box cart)
  • Dennis' Dad: (off-screen) I'm up here!
  • Dennis: Oh, dad, stop me in about. Come down here quick! (His dad falls down in a soap box cart) But I didn't mean he's quickly as bad! You will sit in front where I keep an eye on you! (He and his dad (on crutches) are riding a soap box cart so the puddle splashes on it) Yeah! I know you didn't mean to drive!
  • Dennis' Dad: (gasps) Yahoo! Ow! (groans) Be careful! My fault just shock me! You can press that turn!
  • Dennis: Of course, I don't be silly! Watch!
  • Dennis' Dad: Whoa! (the soap box cart zooms past, grunts, groans, cries)
  • Dennis: (knocks the door) Do not cry, dad. We've got here at last!
  • Mr. HaHa: Well, Dennis, please to say, your father's wrist is completely better! (Dennis holds the soap box cart with his dad's on crutches wearing a cast on his left foot and ends with every body part bandaged except his wrist) Now it's the only part of his body which is isn't bandaged! (chuckles)
  • Dennis: Oh, I see you've still got your crutches! How does your foot feel?
  • Dennis' Dad: It's getting better!

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