Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 12A
Doctor Monkey
Animal Magnetism
Curious George the Architect
Written by Joe Fallon
Air date 2006/09/29

Doctor Monkey is the first half-episode of the twelfth episode of Curious George.


In the City, the Man with the Yellow Hat has scheduled his annual physical check-up with Doctor Baker, and so as Curious George accompanies the Man with the Yellow Hat to Doctor Baker's office, they tell The Doorman and Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund of their plans, before exiting Building 7.

Now, at the medical office which Doctor Baker shares with Doctor Ghesund, the Receptionist tells the Man with the Yellow Hat and Curious George that Doctor Baker will see them soon, and so they wait for a long time, reading magazines and practically falling asleep, before the Receptionist admits them into Doctor Baker's examination room.

Well, three of Doctor Ghesund's patients have been waiting even longer to see him than the Man with the Yellow Hat and Curious George have been waiting to see Doctor Baker: a lady who sneezes, a lady with hiccups, and a gentleman with his sprained arm in a sling. Each waits in a separate examination room, while the Receptionist searches the suite for the missing Doctor Ghesund.

While Doctor Baker examines the Man with the Yellow Hat, Curious George plays with the scale, a roll of paper and Doctor Baker's stethoscope, which is all right with Doctor Baker, as Doctor Baker ushers the Man with the Yellow Hat back into another examination room to continue with his physical examination.

Well, Curious George tests many objects to find out what he can hear through the stethoscope, and then he removes one of Doctor Baker's laboratory coats from his closet to wear, as he makes the rounds to examine Doctor Ghesund's three patients, getting caught in the sneezer's sweater, and then searching around the suite to uncover the source of a mysterious sound, leading Curious George into a storage room closet to make another discovery.

So, back to Building 7, the Man with the Yellow Hat returns with Curious George in his laboratory coat and carrying his stethoscope to examine Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund, making his rounds as "Doctor Monkey." But how well will this work out with Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund?



For the episode transcript, see Doctor Monkey Transcript.

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