Curious George (TV series)
Season 3, Episode 9A
Fun-Ball Tally
Seed Trouble
Red Sky at Night, Monkey's Delight
Written by Chuck Tately
Air date 2009/02/17

Fun-Ball Tally is the first half-episode of the fifty-ninth episode of Curious George.


In the City, it's the perfect day for playing ball on the sidewalk, so Curious George bounces his tennis ball around, until he notices a crowd pouring into the Toy Shoppe.

Well, Betsy, Steve and Charkie the black Cocker Spaniel are there, so Curious George enters to stand beside them, to discover a contest to guess how many Fun Balls are inside a dispenser, and whoever guesses the closest number to the actual amount wins the entire dispenser filled with Fun Balls.

Now, Steve challenges Betsy and Curious George, by saying that he will be able to create a formula to analyze the amount of the contents of the Fun Ball machine, but Betsy and Curious George rise to the challenge and attempt to create their own formula to determine the amount more accurately than Steve. Her white smoke kitten is here, and now he screeched at Charkie, and now she said "Oh, Really"

Then Curious George turns down the Man with Yellow Hat's invitation to accompany him to Endless Park to golf because Curious George is determined to measure the shapes and sizes of the Fun Balls, by comparing them to oranges and grapes at the Market, as the Grocer eagerly sells Curious George a bunch of purple grapes.

But when Curious George returns to the Toy Shoppe to compare the size of his last grape with the Fun Balls, he encounters Steve, who also enjoys a bunch of purple grapes and hands a few to Curious George, who discovers that the grapes are smaller than the Fun Balls. Then Curious George encounters a neighbor, who carts belongings to the Thrift Shoppe, when Curious George asks for a jar of marbles from his wagon to compare to the size of Fun Balls, but marbles and Fun Balls do not match exactly.

So, when Betsy tells Curious George that she has measured the Fun Balls to compare with golf balls, Curious George, Betsy and Charkie the black Cocker Spaniel join forces to accompany the Man with the Yellow Hat to play golf at Endless Park, to count golf balls, while the 5:00 PM contest entry deadline draws near. Who do you think will win the "Fun Ball Talley?" And what do you suppose that she or he would do with the winning dispenser filled with Fun Balls?



For the episode transcript, see Fun-Ball Tally Transcript.

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