Curious George (TV series)
Season 5, Episode 3A
George's Super Subway Adventure
One in a Million Chameleon
Well Done, George
Written by Lazar Saric
Air date 2010/09/08

George's Super Subway Adventure is the first half-episode of the seventy-third episode of Curious George.


In the City, on a Saturday morning, Curious George awakens the Man with the Yellow Hat for their trip to the Zoo to see the Kimoto Dragon, but the distance requires a Subway train trip because the Zoo is now far away. (Back in Season One, the Zoo used to be right around the corner from Apartment Building 7.)

Now, while they await the train, as the Man with the Yellow Hat shows Curious George the main map from Endless Park Station and other neighborhoods, Reginald B. Fonsworth III, the Clown in subway, gives them a balloon twisted into Kimoto Dragon shape, but actually a giraffe shape, as this is the only animal which Reginald the Clown knows how to make.

But when the Man with the Yellow Hat goes to buy a take-along subway map as a souvenir, Curious George boards a train and rides away before the Man with the Yellow Hat is able to catch him, so Reginald the Clown gives the Man with the Yellow Hat a second giraffe balloon.

Well, the female engineer gives Curious George a tour of the controls, so that Curious George pushes the levers to drive the train. Next stop, at Puerto del Sol, Marco and the Latino band invite Curious George to play the drums with them.

But when the next train arrives, the Man with the Yellow Hat is not able to get off the train, and Curious George is not able to board because of the overcrowding, and so the Man with the Yellow Hat tells Curious George that he'll meet him at the next stop, Puerto Paris.

Then, a confused Curious George boards the next train, which takes him back down to his starting point, to face Reginald the Clown, who explains the subway routes from Uptown to the Zoo, to Downtown to Fisherman's Wharf. And yet when the Man with the Yellow Hat boards the downtown train, Curious George takes the uptown train, and from one window to the next, the Man with the Yellow Hat tells Curious George to disembark at the Zoo. But, when the Man with the Yellow Hat learns that there's going to be a one-hour delay for uptown trains, he decides to run.

Now, along the way, Curious George observes from the train, players wearing a Kimota Dragon costume, an Italian Opera singer, Russian dancers and a Swiss Yodeler But by now, the Zoo closes at 4:00 PM (while the zoo near their apartment building closes at 9:00 PM).

So what will the Zookeeper suggest that Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat to do the next time which they plan to visit the Zoo after "Curious George's Super Subway Adventure?"



For the episode transcript, see George's Super Subway Adventure Transcript.

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