Curious George (TV series)
Season 3, Episode 7A
George Digs Worms
Whistlepig Wednesday
Everything Old Is New Again
Written by Michael Maurer
Air date 2008/12/01

George Digs Worms is the first half-episode of the fifty-seventh episode of Curious George.


In the Country, on a warm summer, Bill the Country Neighbor Boy digs a mound and explains to Curious George that worms burrow inside, and the first worm to dig its way out wins, so Curious George searches for his own mounds, under the leaves by the trees, and in the mulch of the flower bed until he finds a new pet worm of his very own.

Now, Bill also explains that the earthworm has segments and further explains the proper way to a worm challenge race, for worms to dig into a mound, when Mr. Quint and Tina notice Bill and Curious George's activity, and a crowd gathers to cheer on the competing worms.

Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat happens by, carrying groceries, and mentioning that he hasn't attended a worm race since he was twelve. So, the Man with the Yellow Hat, Mr. Quint, Tina and the gathering all watch as one worm wins by a segment.

But Curious George cannot seem to adopt enough pet worms, and so he then digs for more pet worms and places them beneath his pillow, but they are unable to dig through his sheets, so the Man with the Yellow Hat suggests a more appropriate container for the worms, as Curious George retrieves a lunch bucket and fills it with leaves, dirt and coffee grounds to aerate the soil, and the Man with the Yellow Hat drills air holes into the lid of the lunch bucket, satisfying Curious George and his pet worms.

And then Mr. Renkins and Tina announce another worm race among Bill's worms and Curious Georges' worms, as Curious George continues to enter every worm race in the valley, but when it comes time to race Tina's worm, Mr. Wiggley, who aerates her soil, Mr. Quint picks up Curious George's worm farm habitat instead of his lunch bucket and carries it into his canoe on the lake.

So, Curious George then rides Mr. Quint's lunch bucket down the hill, to race toward Mr. Quint and his canoe on the lake, but Curious George and the lunch bucket gain so much speed going down the steep hill that they overshoot the dock and land inside the lake with Mr. Quint's lunch and captures a new pet frog to race with Bill's new pet frog. Then do you think that it's time again that Curious "George Digs Worms?"



For the episode transcript, see George Digs Worms Transcript.

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