Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 29A
George Fixes Betsy's Wagon
Being Hundley
Curious George Takes a Dive
Written by Ken Scarborough
Joe Fallon
Air date 2007/02/22

George Fixes Betsy's Wagon is the first half-episode of the twenty-ninth episode of Curious George.


In the City, on Friday afternoon, a perfect time for a trip, Curious George recycles by carrying materials to the Recycling Center, but when Curious George drops some things along the sidewalk, Steve the City Neighbor Boy offers him a ride in his sister, Betsy's, wagon because Steve is going that way to Package Place, to pick up a parcel ordered by Aunt Margaret. (But in another episode, Curious George waits at Aunt Margaret's for Delivery Man to bring her packages.)

Well, Steve pushes the wagon through Endless Park en route to Recycling Center, but when a wheel pops off, Curious George is unable to stop the wagon from rolling down the hill, and it collides with a tree and wrecks!

But when Steve and Curious George decide to play a game of discus, hurling the severed wheel, it rolls across Endless Park, and away from their site, and so they chase it, while it rolls completely away.

Now, Package Place will be closing soon, so they are unable to search any longer. But the parcel is too large to fit into Betsy's wagon until they submit the goods to Recycling Center, where Curious George procures a baby buggy wheel, while Steve decides upon a log segment, but when the log segment doesn't move, the wagon slips, and lands upon Steve's foot.

Then, because he's in the Fifth Grade (a later episode cites Third Grade), Steve cleverly decides upon wearing roller skates, to hold the wagon, while Curious George pulls, but this does not work well either, and so Steve decides to try Curious George's baby buggy wheel.

And then, Steve and Curious George able to transport the package, which Aunt Margaret has purchased for Betsy, by wheeling it in her wagon with the one baby buggy wheel, but after it wears thinly, Steve and Curious George search for additional wheels, but because they are not the same size, nothing works, or at least not until Curious George suggests that they borrow the other three baby buggy wheels so that they all roll at the same size.

So, what will Betsy reveal about the contents of Aunt Margaret's gift once Curious George and Steve finally deliver her package, after Curious "George Fixes Betsy's Wagon?"



For the episode transcript, see George Fixes Betsy's Wagon Transcript.

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