Curious George (TV series)
Season 5, Episode 1A
George and Marco Sound It Out
Cooking With Monkey
A Monkey's Duckling
Written by Kathy Waugh
Air date 2010/09/06

George and Marco Sound It Out is the first half-episode of the seventy-first episode of Curious George.


In the City, neither rain, nor snow, nor hot weather nor Charkie the black Cocker Spaniel could stop Marco and his Latino band, "Lobos De Plata," from playing at Mr. Glass' Endless Park band-stand.

But when they tear down the band-stand because it is ruled unsafe, Curious George is unable to attend Lobos De Platta performances, and so he searches for Marco at Plaza Del Sol Subway Station and finds Marco on the street above, where Marco invites Curious George to visit his Mother, Father, Uncle Felix and Cousin Ceclila and to partake in a foreign foods' lunch.

Now, Marco and his Father, Uncle Felix and Cousin Ceclila, still have no where to perform as Lobos De Platta, and so Curious George suggests Chef Pisghetti's Restaurant, but waiters and diners cause too much noise. Curious George suggests the lobby of Building 7, which Hundley the Doorman's Dachshund appreciates, but carpets muffle the sounds. Curious George suggests the Zoo, but the lions roar too loudly. Curious George suggests the Railway Station, but it leaves not enough audience and is too big because of high ceilings. Curious George suggests to play under the Endless Park bridge, but the low ceiling makes too many echoes.

Well, Professor Wiseman prepares the Musueum of Science for "Marvels of the Maya" large archaeological exhibit, and then Professor Wiseman invites Marco and Curious George to perform at tonight's 7:00 PM opening. Here, Curious George and Marco discover drawbacks with carpeting, large rooms, food court, lions and echoes, which present similar problems as before. But under the T-Rex dinosaur exhibit, Lobos De Plata performs "Hooray for George."

So, with Mr. Glass in attendance, will he decide to rebuild a new band-stand at Endless Park, and will it be ready for Lobos De Plaza when Curious "George and Marco Sound It Out?"



For the episode transcript, see George and Marco Sound It Out Transcript.

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