Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 23B
George the Grocer
Ski Monkey
Keep Out Cows
Written by Lazar Saric
Air date 2007/01/17

George the Grocer is the second half-episode of the twenty-third episode of Curious George.


In the City, on a nice summer morning, Curious George accompanies the Man with the Yellow Hat, who hurries toward the subway, when Curious George stops to shop in a storefront window for an oven to make cupcakes, but the Man with the Yellow Hat cannot afford every toy which Curious George wants, and now he's late for work anyway.

Now, once alone in the City, Curious George decides to apply for employment in order to earn enough to purchase the oven. But Mr. Glass tells Curious George that he doesn't need a window washer at the moment, and Chef Pisghetti tells Curious George that he doesn't need a dishwasher today.

Well, when Curious George walks by the Market, the Grocer and his Son stand upon the sidewalk, discussing the Son's plan to construct a tropical window display, with a palm tree and beach balls, but the Son must leave for a while to procure the necessary materials.

So, once Curious George overhears the Grocer saying that he could use an employee with four hands, Curious George considers himself hired and begins to assist customers....

Well, a Male Customer needs Curious George's assistance to select sweet bananas to bake a banana cake for his sweet mother, and so Curious George samples each bunch of bananas to select the right taste for the Male Customer. And when a Female Customer receives an order to purchase kiwi sickles or grape sickles or lemon sickles or cherry sickles, she asks Curious George to climb higher and higher onto the shelves of the freezer to retrieve them.

And when the Male Customer returns for package of tissue from the lowest tier of the pyramid display, which the Grocer has just erected, well, what do you suppose might happen when Curious George lends a hand to pull a package from the bottom?

Now, Curious George comes up with the idea to create the window display from the diagram which the Son has left for the Grocer, and so Curious George enters the stockroom to retrieve a spruce tree instead of a palm tree, and garland and strings of colored lights instead of the beach balls.

So, once the Male Customer and the Doorman start to wish the Grocer a "Merry Christmas," the Grocer wonders what this means in July, until a roomful of customers fills the Market, after seeing the display, so will Curious George be able to show the Man with the Yellow Hat the fruits of his labors as Curious "George the Grocer?"



For the episode transcript, see George the Grocer Transcript.

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