• Narrator: If you go down to the woods today, you better go and win these games! If you go down to the woods today, here is you're big surprise! (Pa, Mam and Ted arrive to look at two picnic guys in a cow with a basket) For three and a half years or up to no good! They think they laugh! (Pa looks at the picture of two guys in the picnic) They snapped your food! If they used the day, the greedy bears were in the picnic!
  • Pa: (licks his tongue) Picnic time for greedy bears! (He, Mam and Ted were looking for binoculars while the camera shutter clicks) Those naughty greedy bears are having a lovely run today! Pizzas, pies and chocolate cakes, they surely love the stuff for a lot away! (He, Mam and Ted pop out of the bush, dancing)
  • Narrator: Since they slide and sneak about! They wouldn't freak to join, they leap on your unawares! (Pa, Mam and Ted fall down) And six o'clock is Mommy and Daddy should pay them to bed! And they're too full for most any wares!
  • Ted: (burps)
  • Picnic Guy #1: Yippee! This is mine!
  • Picnic Guy #2: So, what do you see?
  • (the picnic guys jump on Pa's and Mam's stomaches)

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