Haunted House is the 7th episode in Season 2

Plot Edit

Mrs. Blakeningsop, Dennis, Gnasher, Minnie, Ken Bahn, Conrad, Sally, Smiffy, Sidney, Toots, Danny, Plug, Fatty, Spotty, Erbert, Wilfred, Walter, Bertie, Spotty, Cynthia, Fatty Fudge and his son are going to a haunted mansion, they join the ginger Harry Potter and the kid in the yellow jumper to lock up the mansion, they meet the butler, Bright as he tells them to step inside. The Bash Street Kids, Gnasher, Mrs. Blakeningsop, the Softies, Cynthia, the ginger Harry Potter, the kid in the yellow jumper, Fatty Fudge and his son ran around the mansion.


  • Dennis the Menace
  • Gnasher
  • Ken Bahn
  • Fatty Fudge
  • Boy
  • Smiffy
  • Wilfred
  • Fatty
  • Danny
  • Plug
  • Erbert
  • Sidney
  • Toots
  • Minnie the Minx
  • Spotty
  • Walter the Softie
  • Bertie
  • Spotty (Softie)
  • Mrs. Blakeningsop
  • Conrad
  • Sally
  • Cynthia
  • Mrs. Ramsbottom
  • Baby
  • The kid in the yellow jumper
  • The ginger Harry Potter
  • Bright
  • Bats

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