Headward Headington-Hail
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Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 50
Job Headmaster
First appearance The Beano #1379

The headmaster of Bash Street School is the employer of Teacher, Olive and the Janitor who works with the villains, Cuthbert Cringeworthy, Teacher, Janitor, Winston, Slasher Brown, Slasher Brown's Henchmen, Mr. Abercrombie, The Colonel, The Inspector, Captain Prefab, Clint Katzenberger, Sergeant Slipper, Hugo Trenchfoot, Olive, Vilhemina Slop Bucket, Mrs. Greature, Mrs. Creecher, Fatty Fudge, Aunty Fanny, Reg Trademark, Captain Trout, Aunty Gertrude, Sergeant Boot, Mrs. Duffel and Sir Fitz-Patrick Flush. He has a fondness for biscuits. That's about all there is to say about him.


He has a black and white hat, glasses, bald hair with white hair, a black vest, a blue coat, a white shirt, a red bow tie, blue pants and brown shoes.


  • His full name is Headward Headington-Hail.
  • The Beano Annual 2015 reveals that he has retired and now spends his days playing golf.