Ivy the Terrible on Safari is the 1st episode in Season 7


Ivy has her favorite toys that are called Charlie Cheetah, Mrs. Teddy Bear, Ali Elephant, Trevor Crocodile, Gertie Gorilla and Jungle Spider so she puts them in her wagon.

Ivy puts Trevor Crocodile into the tube, Ivy pushes Charlie Cheetah on roller skates, Ivy throws the Jungle Spider jumping as it lands on Mrs. Ramsbottom, Ivy pulls Gertie Gorilla before Parky arrives and he builds the sign on the tree and Ivy gets Ali Elephant.

Five people tell Ivy's Mum and Dad about Gertie Gorilla, Jungle Spider, Charlie Cheetah, Ali Elephant and Trevor Crocodile. Mrs. Teddy Bear arrives at Ivy's house. Ivy snores in her bed with all her toys.


  • Ivy the Terrible
  • Charlie Cheetah
  • Mrs. Teddy Bear
  • Ali Elephant
  • Trevor Crocodile
  • Gertie Gorilla
  • Jungle Spider
  • Swimming people
  • Boy
  • Girl
  • Medroom
  • Jacques
  • Mr. Zakinski
  • Mrs. Blumberg
  • Mrs. Ramsbottom
  • Parky
  • Mrs. Thompson
  • Sir
  • Photographer
  • Ivy's Mum
  • Ivy's Dad

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