• Ivy: (pulls the leaves) I bet somebody's far here! (giggles) Let me guess! Charlie Cheetah, Mrs. Teddy Bear, Ali Elephant, Trevor Crocodile, Gertie Gorilla and Jungle Spider! (pulls her wagon, singing)
  • (cut to the swimming pole with a tube)
  • Ivy: Off you go, Trevor! Do you want to go? (Trevor goes to the tube)
  • All: Ah! (Trevor falls in the pool)
  • Ivy: What should I think? Hmmm. Charlie Cheetah! (A boy and girl go roller skating, they have bare feet on the lake) Okay, Charlie! Now, I'll push him! (chuckles, pushes Charlie Cheetah)
  • (Medroom, Jacques, Mr. Zakinski and Mrs. Blumberg are near the gate)
  • All: Ah!
  • Ivy: Hey, I know, a jungle spider! (chuckles, the jungle spider jumps through the hill)
  • Mrs. Ramsbottom: (singing in her bathtub, a jungle spider lands on her, screams with her towel)
  • Ivy: Maybe I thought is, uh, Gertie Gorilla! (pulls the string on Gertie) Here you are, Gertie! Now you're all safe! (chuckles, leaves)
  • (Parky arrives while he's building the sign on the tree with a hammer and a nail)
  • Ivy: Hmmm. (dreams about elephants walking) I know I can do! Ali Elephant!
  • (Mrs. Blumberg walks with Ali, Mrs. Thompson giggles, Sir walks with Ali, The photographer drives a motorcycle with Ali)
  • Ivy: Now, what should I have? Mrs. Teddy Bear!
  • Ivy's Mum: Oh, this is lovely!
  • Ivy's Dad: It sure is!
  • (Parky, Mrs. Ramsbottom, Sir, a boy and a man with a swimming suit arrive with five of Ivy's toys)
  • Parky: Wait! I've escaped that I got Gertie Gorilla!
  • Mrs. Ramsbottom: A jungle spider is landing on me!
  • Boy: I've got Charlie Cheetah on roller skates!
  • Sir: Wait a minute! I'm walking along with Ali Elephant!
  • Man with a swimming suit: I fall into the pool before Trevor Crocodile!
  • Ivy's Mum: Huh? Where's Ivy?
  • (Ivy as Mrs. Teddy Bear tiptoes as she enters her house)
  • Ivy's Dad: (off-screen) There you are! (pulls Mrs. Teddy Bear's mask off)
  • Ivy: Uh-oh!
  • Ivy's Mum: Why have you done?
  • Ivy's Dad: I know, but I knew it!
  • Ivy: (snores with her toys in her bed, sighs) That's great! (her dream appears with her sleeping with her toys)

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