Curious George (TV series)
Season 1, Episode 24A
Keep Out Cows
George the Grocer
Curious George and the Missing Piece
Written by Chuck Tately
Air date 2007/01/18

Keep Out Cows is the first half-episode of the twenty-fourth episode of Curious George.


In the Country, fresh dairy products appeal to to Curious George, and, to him, one great thing about fresh dairy products is the cows who generate them. At Renkins' Farm, Leslie the Cow likes Curious George, so Mr. Renkins invites Curious George to stay, while the the Man with the Yellow Hat tells him to be a good little monkey, before the Man with the Yellow Hat leaves.

Now, as Curious George and Leslie the Cow play, Jumpy Squirrel digs acorns, which he has stored into the ground, causing Curious George to observe a patch with many colors of wildflowers, comparable to his crayon box, but these wildflowers smell better than crayons, and so he shows them to Leslie the Cow, who eats the flowers, which disturbs Curious George.

Well, Curious George tells Leslie the Cow to be good, but she doesn't understand monkey talk and walks away. Curious George trails Leslie the Cow, who enters the wildflower patch to graze, as three additional cattle arrive to graze, and so Curious George acts fast to prevent the wildflowers from being consumed as a bovine buffet. Curious George then tries to distract Leslie and the other three Cows with apples and a scarecrow, but the cattle consumes them, as well.

Then, that night, Curious George plans ways to prevent the cows from partaking of wildflowers. As Curious George draws a diagram, the Man with the Yellow Hat asks if the Renkins are putting up a wall across their cow pasture, which gives Curious George an idea to construct a wall, but by the time which he arrives the next morning, half of the wildflowers are gone.

And then, Curious George constructs a wall by roping newspapers to a clothesline, which keeps away Jumpy Squirrel, but not Leslie and the Cows, so now Curious George seeks something stronger than newspaper print, such as wood, but Jumpy Squirrel climbs beneath the new wooden fence, which makes it non-squirrel-proof.

But when Jumpy Squirrel tosses an acorn, which hits Curious George on the temple, this gives Curious George the idea that stones are tough, and so the next morning, Curious George transports stones and rocks toward the wildflower patch, causing a cart to chase Oscar the Pig from the barnyard, as Curious George creates several attempts to build a stone wall, with all except one wildflower plant eradicated from the patch, which he covers by staggering stones, and covering his new wall with a slate slab.

So, the next day, when Curious George brings the Man with the Yellow Hat to see the flowers which he rescues, the Man with the Yellow Hat explains that dandelions have changed from yellow flowers to seeds, but will this satisfy Curious George's attempt to "Keep Out Cows?"



For the episode transcript, see Keep Out Cows Transcript.

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