Curious George (TV series)
Season 2, Episode 18A
King Doggie
This Little Piggy
The Lucky Cap
Written by Chuck Tately
Air date 2008/02/20

King Doggie is the first half-episode of the fourty-eighth episode of Curious George.


In the City, Hundley the Doorman's Daschund keeps his lobby neat from babies' dripping milk, residents' dripping ice cream, and Curious George's dripping a sloppy jelly sandwich, which spills onto Hundley's mattress and stains his chest.

Now, on the sidewalk, wave a Bratsvian Princess and her entourage wave to Curious George from their limousine, and also spot Hundley wearing the purple birth mark upon his chest. HRM, Princess of Bratsvia explains that Hundley appears a descendant of the Royal Daschund of Bratsvia.

Well, the entourage invites the Doorman and Curious George to accompany them to conduct tests upon Hundley at her elegant royal suite, inside which Hundley mass pass for Bratsvian royalty if he weighs one helmet and measures three boot buckles high and a walking stick long.

Then, the Bratsvians pronounce Hundley "Lord Percival Barkington XV" and permit the Doorman to become his peasant friend, welcome to visit. The Doorman ask Hundley if he's happy there, before Curious George is given to exit with the Doorman.

And then, Lord Percival Barkington the XV must walk on treadmill with the Princess instead of joining his friends in Endless Park.

Meanwhile, the lobby's not the same without Hundley. but all that matters to the Doorman is that Hundley's happy. But Curious George visits Lord Percival Barkington the XV, who hasn't touched his Bratsvian beef casserole, and neither Hundley nor Curious George find it the least bit appealing.

Yet, Curious George sets out to disprove Hundley's royalty, so he measures him according to the specifications listed upon his pedigree paper, by height, length and weight. Curious George makes one last-ditch effort to reclaim Hundley, by licking the jelly from Hundley's chest to prove that it's not his royal birthmark.

So, must Hundley return to his old life as the Doorman's Daschund to clean up after the likes of Curious George in the lobby castle of "King Doggie?"



For the episode transcript, see King Doggie Transcript.

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