This is a list of episodes from the children's animated series, Dennis the Menace and Gnasher.

People’s names in brackets are guest actors who voiced one of the guest characters in that particular episode. During the Credits, the guest stars were always at the top before the regular cast.

Season 1: 1996Edit

# Title Date & Guest Actors Summary
1 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow First broadcast: 2 April 1996
(Denis Quilley)
Dennis is forced by his mum and dad to go for a haircut at Slasher Brown & Reg Trademark's barber shop, and ends up being chased by the World Federation of Barbers.
2 The Day They Took Gnasher Away First broadcast: 9 April 1996
(Hugh Laurie)
When the Dog Training School promises Dennis's father that they can turn Gnasher into a perfect pooch, Dennis and the gang go on an undercover mission to rescue him, and discover the school is not what it seems...
3 Bathnight Club First broadcast: 16 April 1996 It's a race against time! Dad's determined to get Dennis in the bath, but the Ministry of Defence wants Dennis left unwashed, for his smelly socks are their latest secret weapon!
4 Dennis Ahoy! First broadcast: 23 April 1996
(Billy Connolly)
When Dennis and the gang volunteer to do a days work on the SS Rustbucket on a race around the Cape of Good Hope, they find themselves swallowed alive by "Dopey Mick", the daftest whale of the 7 seas.
5 Revenge of the Robot First broadcast: 30 April 1996 When the chief of the police fires Slipper for not being able to stop Dennis's trouble-making about town, the post of Sergeant is replaced by a seemingly unbeatable robot, but Dennis gets some help from the loopy female inventor Flossy.
6 Wanted! First broadcast: 7 May 1996
(Leslie Phillips)
When two wanted criminals see Dennis's amazing ways of making mischief, they trick him into doing his biggest blow yet...robbing the Beanotown bank!
7 Dennis and the Beanstalk First broadcast: 14 May 1996 When Gnasher is forced to stay in bed due to a toothache, Dennis cheers him up by telling him a story, but not just any old story...why just read from a book when you can mix them up and make your own special version? We see Dennis & Gnasher going on an adventure in a mystical land, meeting their friends and enemies on the way.
8 Unidentified Funny Object First broadcast: 21 May 1996
(Tim Brooke-Taylor, Willie Rushton)
When aliens with the ability to disguise themselves as anything arrive on earth disguised as television sets and seeking help, Dennis and Gnasher are keen to help out, on the understanding that they can help him too, by using their disguises for menacing!
9 Special Agent Dennis First broadcast: 28 May 1996 (Jonathan Kydd, Mollie Sugden, Bernard Cribbins) Dennis's dad is to sick to come to work, so Dennis hands in a sick note to find out what Dad's work life is like...only due to a mix-up Dennis & Gnasher find themselves instead at the Secret Agency next door where they are mistaken for Derek Cool, a secret agent who is a master of disguise dressed as a 10 year old boy and his dog. Next thing the duo know, they are being fired of in a space pod on a mission to stop by ruthless tycoon Clint Katzenberger and a crazy dinner lady called Vilhemina Slopbucket turn the whole world into 10 year olds unless they eat her rotten dinners!

Season 2: 1998Edit

# Title Date & Guest Actors Summary
10 Dennis and the Grown-Ups First broadcast: 13 March 1998
(Derek Nimmo)
After some trouble with Dennis, Mum and Dad join an adult education class to understand children, only to understand the tutor is a bit loopy! Meanwhile Dennis runs his own class among his friends titled "How to Understand Grown-ups".
11 The Secret Diary First broadcast: 20 March 1998
(Greg Proops)
Hiding from the wrath of Dad after a chaotic morning (aided by Granny), Dennis comes across what he thinks is his Dad's diary, and realises that in his youth he was far from the respectable young man he claimed to be. Soon, the diary entries make Dad a reluctant celebrity, and with a Hollywood film director making a film based on the book, Dennis discovers that his antics are no longer seen as threatening.
12 Gorilla Warfare First broadcast: 27 March 1998 When The Colonel organises an outward bound weekend in the woods, Dennis and Gnasher decide to tag along and cause mayhem for a laugh, but things are not longer a joke when they learn that Genghis Kong, an escaped circus gorilla, is on the loose in the woods and has somehow taken an interest to Dennis's granny.
13 The Day TV was Banned First broadcast: 3 April 1998
(Ken Dodd)
Eccentric millionaire Sir Fitz-Patrick Flush promises to give a million pound cheque to the citizens of Beanotown if they can live without television for a whole week. Unfortunately, this doesn't go down well with Dennis and his pals's plans to watch the week-long marathon of their favourite show Nick Kelly.
14 The Competition! First broadcast: 9 April 1998
(Katy Hill, Stuart Miles)
Humiliated by Walter during a hectic game of tag (which soon escalates into chaos when adults begin to get tagged), Dennis decides to compete against him in a Blue Peter painting competition, with a ‘little help’ from a certain four-legged friend…
15 Summer Holiday First broadcast: 16 April 1998 Dad is incredibly determined that the Menace family’s holiday will be incident-free, but Walter to become school prefect, and is determined to make it to the building early for once, Dennis’ usual mayhem, and a suspected burglary back home do very little effort to liven up his spirits…
16 Menace Power First broadcast: 23 April 1998 Its the Beanotown Grand Prix and Dennis is determined to win with Gnasher living under the bonnet of Dennis's race car and its now powered by him. The race goes great, until Gnasher spots a cat.
17 Dennisaurus Rex First broadcast: 30 April 1998 The discovery of a large stone-age mural in the Menaces’ front garden causes Dennis to daydream on what it would be like to live in prehistoric times… and to somehow witness the creation of the wheel.
18 Skull and Crossbones First broadcast: 7 May 1998
(Simon Callow, Brain Blessed)
The series finale, Gnasher finds himself hunted down by Mum’s new job at the art gallery is threatened when a group of scurvy dogs when the Colonel’s ‘adventurer’ cousin Hugo claims that he steals the gallery’s main attraction as a new figurehead for their ship. It’s up to Dennis and his crew to battle the pirates and return the stolen statue. A heated court trial ensues to prove Gnasher’s canine ancestry, but Hugo is not really the world traveller he claims he is.

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